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90210 – Season 1

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“You wanna live in the zip, you’ve gotta live by the code.”
Based on the 1990s FOX hit, Beverly Hills, 90210, the series revolves around the three-generational Wilson family. The Wilsons have recently moved from small town Kansas to glitzy Beverly Hills, California after the father, Harry Wilson (Rob Estes), accepts a position as Principal of West Beverly Hills High School.
The new 90210 looks at life through the eyes of Annie Wilson (Shenae Grimes) and her brother Dixon (Tristan Wilds), whose first day at West Beverly Hills High School leaves no doubt they’re not in Kansas anymore.

Episode 01: We’re Not in Kansas Anymore
I wanted to hate the show when it started. The CW trying to find its audience in bored and spoiled teenager girls, wanting the male audience out of their range. But the pilot is actually really good for finding it bad. The characters are alright, the stories are of a typical teenie soap shows and some stories already have an ending, after 40 minutes. I don’t compare 90210 with the original series, which I am watching parallel btw., but there are some similarities. A lot of stereotypes and some actors I can’t stand. It just didn’t felt like a pilot, everything went too fast. Like the pilot episode of the original series. Oh, now I compared… 6,5/10

Episode 02: The Jet Set
The episode was alright, but lamer than the pilot. The beginning of the relationship between Annie and Ethan (Dustin Milligan) doesn’t interest me at all and her date in San Francisco was too special to be good, because it was also boring. Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) is one of the interesting characters; you never know where you are with her. In the first episode she stole and took drugs, now she is just “creepy”. Silver (Jessica Stroup) is interesting, too, but her storyline has not started yet. But I am missing something: The brother/sister-ship (or whatever) between Brendon and Brenda in the original series was stronger than the ship (or whatever) between Annie and Dixon – they don’t have any :/
By the way: Though it was the second part of the pilot two-parter, this episode was one of the CW episodes, which ran shorter than 40 minutes. Commercials suck. 6/10

Episode 03: Lucky Strike
An alright episode, at least much more better than the Gossip Girl episode I saw before this one. Naomi’s (AnnaLynne McCord) drama doesn’t interest me at all; her father kissing another woman, her mother knowing about it – yeah fine… uninteresting. But the rest was interesting. Silver living in a shelter for weeks, because her mother is a drinker; the friends meeting during the family evening (somehow hilarious-y); Ethan and Annie bonding (I hope this is going fast) and the whole question about the father of Kelly’s (Jennie Garth) kid (the little storyline only for the fans of the original series). But this could get on the nerves for those who don’t know the original. 7/10

Episode 04: The Bubble
It seems that the CW owned casting agencies can’t cast proper – Ethan’s autistic brother Steven (Ryan Doom)… he looks like a model and is playing an autistic teenager? Wow, that’s believable *rolleyes*. The rest of the episode (except Naomi’s boring “my father sleeps with another girl and she is moving to our beach house” story is completely crap and boring as hell). The beginning relationship of Annie and Ethan takes a step into the wrong direction (because it stopped, and she is making out with Ty [Adam Gregory] *rolleyes again*), but Dixon and Silver are getting to know each other – they look like a nice couple. Just the secret about Kelly’s son’s dad gets on my nerves – why are the authors putting so much secrets in it? And why is the revealing so a shocker (well, not for me)?
I am waiting for badder episodes to come (the second season half), this one was still good somehow. 7/10

Episode 05: Wide Awake and Dreaming
The episode was average, boring storylines except Adrianna. So, she is something between a drug addict, troubled character and the total bitch of West Beverly High – a real interesting character, but she is not in the center of the story, which is a real shame. Annie and Ty – uninteresting, because their stories are so boring; authors write these stories in every teen drama show. But finally Dixon and Silver are making out, it took them long enough. Well, the rest was… boring. 5/10

Episode 06: Model Behavior
Another boring episode. Another fashion episode (I remember the fashion episode from the second Gossip Girl season). Another episode with no real meaning behind. So, Dixon and Silver are together, Kelly has to know about Dylan (a big storyline with him and he is not even in the show), Adrianna takes drugs again and has some more problems (still the most interesting storyline) and Naomi tries to put her parents together. Or separate them. Or both, I don’t know. And since when are she and Ethan together again? I thought they were taking one step after another…
Well, boring. I expected that. Let’s see, when the authors are pulling off a great episode… 5,5/10

Episode 07: Hollywood Forever
A good episode with no real meaning in the storyline and a nice cliffhanger. The baby thing is a story for every teen high school TV show and shouldn’t be not in 90210; Ethan and Annie on a “date” (or whatever); the drug police in the high school; an upcoming relationship between teacher and student; an upcoming unknown son for Harry and Adrianna being half dead at the end. It is sure that she will survive, so the cliffhanger had no thrill, but the last installment (the cuts between Naomi on the phone and Adrianna on the floor) was really nice.
So, very fast: Get Annie and Ethan together, get Adrianna a therapy, get Naomi a happy life, get the teacher Ryan (Ryan Eggold) a better story and I would like this series more. 7/10

Episode 08: There’s No Place Like Homecoming
Why was (almost) everyone kissing at the end of the episode? Oh yeah, homecoming… The episode was alright, not really interesting, but average. The stories were boring (just couples being couples), except Adrianna’s. She has the most interesting story at that time and I think it won’t change in the next episodes. Just the fact that she was out of the hospital that fast, is not getting to me. Dixon and Silver are cute together; Adrianna and Navid (Michael Steger) not so really; and Annie and Ethan should finally go out on a date together, this just gets boring. 5,5/10

Episode 09: Secrets and Lies
Kind of boring episode. Nothing interesting happened. The lost son story takes a next step, Annie and Ethan are official, Adrianna and Navid are kind of official and the rest was just boring. And Annie being drunk? I don’t know what to make of it. Either totally out of character or totally bad acting.
Well, I don’t know what to say about the episode, except it was lame as hell. 3/10

Episode 10: Games People Play
LOL. Stereotype stories mixed with boyfriend/girlfriend story (boring) mixed with a Sweet 16 party (boring) mixed with some humor (was alright). Sounds like Gossip Girl and kind of is, just without New York and the gossip.
The episode was boring, the relationship totally uninteresting. Did the writers bring Jason (Chris Zylka) into the story to give Annie some “thinking time” at the end? Well, it worked with her little speech with Naomi at the end – when the lost son came and brought us a really boring and not thrilling cliffhanger. The b story with Ryan and his cop lover was boring as well; Ryan is a boring character anyway.
I need few serious stories. Or at least better stories. 3,5/10

Episode 11: That Which We Destroy
What a boring episode. Sean (Josh Henderson) is in town, everybody cares (especially Dixon, after Annie had problems with Harry having a son; now he is next in line to have a problem with that), but the story is totally uninteresting and boring as hell. I don’t care about Sean and him probably being a con artist (is 90210 now working with cliffhangers or what?), I don’t care about Dixon having problems with him and I surely don’t care about the Lacrosse championships (Wildcats, oh please… A better name wasn’t available?). The only interest part was Brenda (Shannen Doherty) and Kelly – even though I count it as a mistake that the writers concentrate so much on characters and a story from a series, which the demographics probably don’t know (I mean the young teenage girls, which The CW is trying to access).
The episode was so blah, I already forgot what happened. 3/10

Episode 12: Hello, Goodbye, Amen
Another boring episode. The story has enough to be dramatic, but the writers made all of this so boring that I don’t care about the characters. Adrianna’s story was the most interesting one (probably the only interesting story), because the potential of drama was used here. An I like Adrianna as a character (which can change real fast, when the writers put some bullshit on her, like the other characters). The b story with Brenda and Kelly was boring as well. I am not interested in characters from another TV series. And the little side plot with Dixon and the (lesbian) cheerleader girl was so unnecessary for the episode – for what was this story even in here? For what did the writers prepare that story in the last episode? Just to show Dixon another world? 3,5/10

Episode 13: Love Me or Leave Me
Oh my good god, a good episode, I can’t believe it. Okay, still boring stories, but at least it wasn’t that boring. Adrianna’s story was interesting, even though I can’t understand why Navid broke up with her. But her breakdown afterward was really good acted. Even the couples Annie/Ethan and Dixon/Silver were interesting. But with one problem: Silver is really a freak, her little fight with Dixon after he said to her that he loved her was just dumb, as well as Annie’s parents driving to Palm Springs and checking out Annie…
Yeah, the episode was totally alright, I actually am surprised. Maybe it stays that way, but I don’t think so. The show just annoys me right now. 6/10

Episode 14: By Accident
“Cool, be there in 2.” And crash… Muhaha, what a shitty cliffhanger. I so had to laugh. And I already know the writers, they definitely will pull of a shitty and boring conclusion. The rest of the episode was average though. Dixon finally gets his senses together and breaks up with Silver (a little WTF moment, they are such a nice couple), Adrianna is over the twelfth week (how did the doctors not notice that? She was in the hospital before her rehab… The cheapest and stupidest plot device I have ever seen) and can’t have an abortion, and Ty is the father (muhaha, another laughing point; the writers bring him back to look for trouble between Ethan and Annie and now he slept with Adrianna… WTF?). Naomi won’t live with her father anymore and Ryan is flirting again.
Seriously, I think this was the shittiest episode ever, but Adrianna and the little Dixon/Silver drama saved it. Well, for 90210 standards the episode was average, but this was really… really bad writing. 4/10

Episode 15: Help Me, Rhonda
Wow, a good episode. Stereotype stories, but everything was well executed and not boring. Okay, except the conclusion of last episode’s cliffhanger and everything what came after it. Ty is busy in other storylines and can’t make trouble for Annie and Ethan, so there has to be a new character, what can do these things: hello, Rhonda. I love Aimee Teegarden for playing in 90210, though her talent is too worthy for this show. And I couldn’t stop smiling, when Rhonda told Ethan that she never went to a sporting game before (hello, Friday Night Lights); and her character is pretty interesting. Love between Rhonda and Ethan? She surely is in love with him, because he is the typical charming boy, but it was stereotype that Ethan didn’t know her (who doesn’t know his classmates?). But I am asking myself if she is just playing. Ethan helped her getting into the bed, and after he’s gone she takes the remote, like she was pain free – just to stay in the hospital, so Ethan can come again and again, or something more?
Dixon and Silver are together again… Let’s see how long that will last.
Adrianna’s mother knows about her pregnancy – wonderful scene; and she tells everybody in the school – wonderful scene.
I actually really like that episode. Thanks to Rhonda for that :) 8/10

Episode 16: Of Heartbreaks and Hotels
Muhaha, I was laughing. Not that the episode was bad (well, it kind of was), but I was so amused during this one, I couldn’t stop laughing.
Okay, honestly, it was a good episode. It wasn’t interesting, but it was just partly boring. Silver was just sweet and so over the top, I like her that way – even though this wasn’t Silver. When she was complaining about the cake I thought Silver was back, but… And now she has a tattoo (WTF? OMG!).
Naomi was nice, too, and this time she wasn’t a bitch. This time she was nice. Liam (Matt Lanter) as a new character is alright, and his little “cliffhanger” was just funny. He is in high school as well as Naomi, what was I laughing.
Adrianna and Navid are together again – finally, they are cute together. And Adrianna improved as a character in these last episodes. But I was asking myself, how fat she already is. Three episodes ago she was on the beach with a bikini and now she already has a total visible pregnancy belly?
The triangle Annie/Ethan/Rhonda – that is fun times three. Rhonda is cute and needs friends(hips) and love, Ethan can give it to her and Annie is using Rhonda’s tragic and deep story for her acting class – stereotype that Ethan had to see it, but what the hell. I just hope, Aimee Teegarden is in more episodes. 7/10

Episode 17: Life’s a Drag
WTF? Are they serious? Silver gone mad, because of… Yeah, because of what? Is this really a storyline I am seeing in this series? Are the writers out of their minds? What the fuck did they think putting this in? The season has a new low-point. The hole story with Silver was just dumb, so over the top and completely out of character. Very bad. Very, very bad…
The rest wasn’t really interesting either. Annie and Ethan are breaking up (predictable) and Aimee Teegarden is too cute in her character to be in this show. Naomi and Liam was a bit interesting, but I don’t care about Naomi, because she is just a boring character. And Adrianna hadn’t even much screentime.
But the end… a crazy and maniac Silver… I can’t believe the writers did that. They so lost my respect. Well, they never had my respect at all. 2,5/10

Episode 18: Off the Rails
Okay… I honestly wished to see a shitty conclusion to Silver’s madness. And now she is bipolar? Why the hell now all of a sudden? Nobody noticed it before? Not even Silver? This is just a bad excuse to get Silver an interesting story (which totally is not interesting, because of the last episode). At least her out of character moments had some meaning, but the way the writers handled it was just stupid times ten. Dixon was pretty out of character on his own – he rejects Silver, because he plugged out and had a bad reaction? This is crap.
The rest of the episode was pretty boring, except Navid’s and Adrianna’s little babysitter adventure (which was cute). Annie won’t break up with Ethan, because of Naomi? What? And then she is breaking up with him anyway? Please what? Ryan and Kelly trying to get back together? Well, that doesn’t interest me at all. It never showed really, he has feelings for her. Well, it was obvious all the time, but never that way.
I don’t know. What can I do to forget Silver’s story? 3/10

Episode 19: Okaeri, Donna!
Well, Silver’s bipolar story is now a real biggie, isn’t it? I am just wondering, why nobody noticed her illness much sooner. That she is the reason, why Dixon drives to Arizona to his birth mother, looks just like a cheap idea. Why does Dixon has to apologize to his mother? Either Dixon is happy again after this episode, or the mother story ain’t over. And I can’t understand why Dixon had Annie talk to his mother.
And then Donna (Tori Speling)… For what is she in the story now? Tori Spelling looked just not awesome (her lips seemed pretty big) and because of her past in the original series she gets her own little storyline with being the designer for Diablo Cody? Why? just to have more characters from the original series in the spin-off? And she seriously got too much screentime. During the first season of Beverly Hills, 90210 I am complaining how little screentime she has and in this single episode she has more than in the first half of the first season of the original?
Liam and Ethan: What the hell was this for a shitty storyline? Why would Ethan go on a tea drug trip? And why would Liam help him? And why would Liam lie about the drugs?
The rest was uninteresting and I already forgot it. But at least the episode was much better than the last ones. 5,5/10

Episode 20: Between a Sign and a Hard Place
Okay, I am a little confused. Rebecca Rand Kirshner Sinclair wrote this episode. And as show runner for season two she doesn’t want to have the BH, 90210 cast in the show. And she gave Donna and Kelly a big storyline for this episode? Hm, what does she want…
The season needs to have an end right now, because the stories starts to suck again. Annie and Naomi being BFFs – so suddenly after all the problems they had with each other? That comes a bit fast. Silver going to a catholic school and nobody knows about it? Does that mean these are her last episodes? After her last story I wish for that to happen. Ethan cutting class and being kind of a dick right now? God, after his accident with Rhonda he is such a boring character, no wonder why Dustin Milligan is leaving the show. But the shittiest storyline was with Adrianna and Navid. Okay, the search for parents for her kid was alright, but they want to marry? Seriously? WTF? At least Kelly and Ryan are making out, even though it was pretty obvious after her visit to the psychic. That the six-pack would be Ryan was so predictable, I had to laugh when he actually bought a six-pack.
Another question: Why is Silver leaving with tears, after the girls said to her she is the female Darren Aronofsky? I thought it was a compliment… 4,5/10

Episode 21: The Dionysian Debacle
Who the fuck is Jen (Sara Foster) and why is she in the house of the Wilsons? And why did she come back to town? And why did she leave at all? It looks like Naomi and Jen will have a story in the last episodes of the season. By the way: Naomi annoys me right now; her efforts to get Liam become her boyfriend is just boring. And Liam is a creepy and with it a shitty character. And I so had to laugh about the last scene. Muhaha, Jen was Ethan’s first. Muhahahahahahahaha. Jen is five minutes into the show and she already is picking up some soap storylines.
An what is up with Navid? Okay, he now knows the truth about the baby’s father, but why did he react so out of character? The scene was just stupid, where he get in and out of the room. At least Adrianna was a believable character in the room.
Silver is now really in the catholic school? Oh my god, and it was predictable that the people there learned soon about Silver’s past. So she can easily go back to West Beverly, because her story just sucks and should end right now. 5,5/10

Episode 22: The Party’s Over
So short before the season finale and the writers have to offer boring storylines? And predictable ones? Dixon’s and Silver’s relationship will not hold, because their are apart for a few episodes now and I already see it coming that somebody breaks up with the other. And there obviously is something coming from Jen – so, she tries to make out with Ryan (what is with him and Kelly?) and spent all her funds money (one million in two months? My fucking respect for that!) and now takes money from her sister? Well well well, there has to be something behind the bushes.
And what is up with Liam? He is kind of the mysterious guy now, nobody knows what he really wants, not eve the writers. What do they want to do with this character at all? Is he now a love interest for Naomi? For Annie?
And Adrianna’s storyline was so unnecessary? She takes drugs again? Oh please no, not again. She was such a sweet character in the second season half and now she lost all her credibility. Even she was sorry later. And I don’t understand Navid. For a guy who is in such big love with Adrianna, he never shows it. Bad acting. 5,5/10

Episode 23: Zero Tolerance
Season finale, prom party – what a coincidence. Okay, this isn’t really the season finale, but it is the setup for the next episode. The first half of the episode was boring, because it was just the setup for the setup. The beginning (the video by Harry) was funny, then I got bored (oh my god, Jen has no money, Naomi paid for everything – what a shocker. NOT), then, with the start of the prom party, it got interesting. Dixon became prom king (after one year of being in West Beverly? Did he really had friends in that school, at least I never saw him with anyone, except the clique), Silver surprisingly prom queen (WTF? This was just a stupid scene), and she held a pretty inspiring speech (especially for Ethan). And everybody looking at Annie like she is a real rat. Funny, kind of. This story comes out of nowhere.
And what is with Jen… And more important: What is with Kelly? Is she in love with Ryan? Please, can the writers make a decision?
At least Naomi got lucky at her pom night. And the rest was average. 6/10

Episode 24: One Party Can Ruin Your Whole Summer
Look, the season finale. And it didn’t feel like a finale, it was just a normal episode with a cliffhanger at the end, which completely comes not only from nowhere, but didn’t have any thrill.
First Annie’s story: She explodes like Liam predicted. Not really a good scene, but it was Shenae Grimes’ fault, because she wasn’t reliable in that scene. And then she drinks and drives – how out of character is that? And then she does a hit-and-run? Muhaha, this is one of the most boring season cliffhangers I’ve ever seen.
Ethan/Dixon/Silver: Where did that story come from? Since when has Ethan feelings for Silver? And why is Dixon so hard on Ethan, especially why Ethan did nothing to trouble their relationship? It was an out of character scene for Dixon here. And Silver was too happy for hating the prom. Did the writers forgot her speech from last episode? Now it doesn’t have any meaning..
Harry and Debbie (Lori Loughlin): are high? Muhaha, how shitty is that. But the pot-cookies were really funny.
Adrianna/Navid: The best story in this episode. First I can’t understand, why Navid fought with Ty, but I forgot it real fast. But from where did that adoption thing came from? Didn’t they decide to raise the baby by themselves? Hopefully this doesn’t trouble the relationship between Adrianna and Navid. Now they finally found each other. I am expecting some aftermath, because of the adoption thing, but hopefully this story is finished very soon in the next season.
Liam/Naomi/Jen: Muhaha, I was laughing. Now we have a real bitch in the story. It looks like Jen will be in the second season, after what she did to Naomi. And why has Jen the hots for all the boyfriends of her sister? First Ethan, now Liam (who, surprisingly, had a character cliffhanger of his own – very interesting and at least not predictable – but will it have a conclusion next season?). What is coming next? War between sisters??? …
It was a good episode, but a lame season finale. I did expect that. 6/10

Season average is 5,25. I honestly thought it would be lower. The beginning was okay, and until the end there were a few good episodes. But the rest was just shitty. I don’t know what The CW was thinking putting this series on TV. I definitely will watch the second season along with the third one from Gossip Girl, because I need this high school/College teenie trash. I always have to see, how bad, lame and stupid screenplay writers can be. And who knows, maybe the second season has a development. And with the remake of Melrose Place I will have a lot to talk about next season…
I am still watching the first season of Beverly Hills, 90210 and should finish it soon. Be prepared.

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