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Episode Review: STARGATE UNIVERSE (“The Greater Good”)

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SGU LOGOSeason 2, Episode 7 (27)
Date of airing: Nov 9, 2010 (Syfy)
Nielsen ratings information: 1.074 million viewers, 0.7/1 in Households, 0.4/1 with A18-49

STARGATE UNIVERSE takes a break from all those hallucinations and dreams, and goes back to abandoned ships… I kinda have the feeling that the second season doesn’t show much else anymore. Either the episode is about hallucinations/dreams, or abandoned ships.And I don’t really know if I should be annoyed about it, or if I should like it. Judging this episode, the season might be getting better and interesting again, because it was a solid episode. Though I was asking myself why Destiny jumped out of FTL, when the abandoned alien ship had absolutely nothing to offer, except trouble for the Destiny crew, and Young (Justin Ferreira) another opportunity to kill Rush (Robert Carlyle). Or to be less nice: The alien ship wasn’t good for any kind of story, and was just used to reveal the Destiny’s bridge to the wider crew – nothing more, nothing less. So why was Destiny jumping out of FTL for this ship? No answers at all…

The episode was still solid enough to entertain me though. The conflict between Rush and Young on the alien ship was excellent, and I wouldn’t have mind to see more of it. At least now I know why the “previously on”-part always mentioned the “We’re never be done”, since the conflict between the two hotheads was never done, according to the writers. I just hope that the conflict still isn’t done, in my opinion it keeps the most interesting story of the moment alive, and it brings Carlyle and Ferreira to show some of their stellar acting skills. And when the writers continue to answer some of the mythology questions with those kind of storylines, I will be happy.

So, now we know Destiny’s mission. As long as Rush didn’t lie to Young (and I hope he didn’t – otherwise we have the LOST syndrome in SGU: Characters lie, just because the writers don’t want to give answers), Destiny’s mission seems to be interesting, but unfortunately the writers gave the answers way too late. After almost one and a half season, the crew finally discovers the real nature of Destiny, it just sounds like something way greater, and I have the strong urge to say that the writers won’t be able to handle that. Going back to FRINGE and the story around the “first people”, this one reminds me of finding out more about the universe, how it was created, and the theory that an intelligent life form might be behind all of this. It sounds interesting at first, but it is actually boring. Destiny looking for a “message” to find the origins of the universe isn’t really a great story, when you think a it harder about it, and it is definitely not the proper story for an episode like this, where most of the screentime takes place in an unimportant alien ship.

Yes, the alien ship was a waste of time. Not relevant for the story, instead just an opportunity to reveal some secrets to the characters. Like Destiny’s bridge. I’m stunned that Eli (David Blue) and friends weren’t able to figure out what Rush was doing these last weeks, and had to find out here what Rush was into the whole time. But hey, finally they know that there’s a bridge (as if they never watched a STAR TREK episode in their lives…), and finally the writers can pace up a bit of speed, revealing some more about the actual mythology behind Destiny and the Ancients, before the next hallucination-episode comes.

By the way: It was this episode, when I realized that Kathleen Munroe is hot. She should have more appearances in SGU, and I will definitely put CALL ME FITZ and DURHAM COUNTY on my to-do list. And the Ginn (Julie McNiven)/Eli story is very sweet. Unfortunately I’ve read some spoilers already, but as long as Eli doesn’t have a shot with Chloe (Elyse Levesque, her story is waiting to be continued, which is a shame), I’ll take every love story with our math nerd. I’m still surprised that Ginn isn’t dating Eli for her people’s sake (a.k.a. manipulating Eli to get the Lucian Alliance back into the action game), but instead really loves him.

7/10 for this episode, and I’m still not sure, if I should like the second season or not. So much time is wasted on unimportant storylines at the moment, it ain’t fun to watch it anymore.

Welcome to the bridge, crew!

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Written by Christian Wischofsky

November 25, 2010 at 3:18 PM

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