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Episode Review: NECESSARY ROUGHNESS (“Poker Face”)

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It was a boring episode. I’m about to cancel this episode, if there isn’t one single reason in this show to continue watching it. And no, the Milf in the lead role is not the one single reason of the show. She might look hot, but she has such bad material to work with, I can’t believe how this show is still alive and airing on television.

So, all the storylines were crappy, boring, or totally terrible. The mental case of the week could have been interesting, if there was a reason to believe the realism of it. Why would a professional poker player go to therapy to look for his tell? Sure, Jason (Joshua Biton) told Dani (Callie Thorne) that he looked at the game tapes, and even asked his friends about his tell, but when I think about this story a bit further, I’m getting dizzy. Going to therapy to find out the tell? Really? That’s what the writers come up with? I don’t know, but is that even realistic? It just feels like the writers are looking for stories to keep Dani occupied with different kinds of patients with different kinds of problems, without risking that one of the usual stories gets repeated. Seriously, that ain’t good in my books…

And again, there were the “flashes” of Dani “miraculously” getting to Jason’s problems, while she was talking to somebody else. OH, COME ON!!! It’s getting fucking ridiculous. Can’t she discover the patient’s problems during the therapy sessions, like every normal therapist? Why does it always have to be in those random situations, where she suddenly gets the idea? Five episodes in, and it’s the fifth time the writers used that method of conclusion. That’s not good in my books. That’s actually lazy writing. Even more, I couldn’t see what Jason as a compulsive liar had something to do with his poker troubles and his tell. Did I miss something, or where the writers not able to bring Jason’s emotions around his family together with his losing streak?

Again, Dani’s kids are annoying. They lie, cheat, lie again, betray their friends, and are practically the worst kids in television history. And again, Lindsay (Hannah Marks) is the origin of all trouble, when she wants to have money to buy jeans, just because her girlfriend said she’s not cool enough, because she doesn’t have those cool jeans (talk about peer pressure). And why not selling TK merchandise, because mommy doesn’t give her kids enough allowance? Baah, I hate those kids. I hate the decisions they make, and I hate that the writers don’t have different ideas to keep the kids interested in the show. They are completely separated from all the other stuff going around in the show, and they always wreak havoc. That’s lazy writing. Again.

Even the story with Bobby (Teddy Sears) wasn’t interesting, though there could have been a great conflict between TK (Mehcad Brooks) and Bobby, because the latter steals his spot in a commercial for an energy drink. But no, instead the writers made a celeb story out of it, and how Bobby is not ready to be a celeb (though it was funny to hear his reasons of why he doesn’t want to be a celeb: to bang hookers and women other than his wife).

I’m giving this show one more episode. But I don’t think the next one is gonna be much different from this one. Why following a series, which completely annoys me and shows, how lazy writers can be? 3.5/10

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Written by Christian Wischofsky

August 10, 2011 at 9:30 AM

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