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Grey’s Anatomy 3.03: Sometimes a Fantasy

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The competition for the best face expression is still on: Alex in pain

Sometimes a Grey’s Anatomy episode can be really good, sometimes a Grey’s Anatomy episode can be really boring, and most of the times the Grey’s Anatomy episodes are so damn average, I feel bored while watching. I had this problem during the second season, and it looks like I will have the same problem during the third season.
The episode was at best good average, which always means something between 6 and 7 out of 10. The writers never manage to completely wow me, which is mostly the fault of boring medical cases and ridiculous character moments and sex talks and/or scenes. This time I liked the medical cases, but this time I could throw out my laptop, after what I saw happening between the threesome Meredith/Derek/Finn.
Sometimes, only sometimes, the series needs more ER instead of a soap opera. It is a wish of mine, and I don’t think it will come true – only to highlight episodes…

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