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The Mentalist – Season 2

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The second season of CBS' crime procedural aired during the TV season 2009/2010

Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) used to be a con man who earned a lucrative career successfully posing as a psychic medium and enjoying near-celebrity status. He appeared on television to claim that his paranormal abilities helped the police profile a serial killer named Red John. Red John, angered by the perceived slight, murders Jane’s wife and young daughter in revenge. Riddled with remorse, Jane consequently abandons his career as a psychic and teams up with the CBI, using his skills to help them solve various murder crimes.
He admits to faking the supernatural aspects of his skills, often asserting that “there’s no such things as psychics”; however, he has finely honed skills in cold reading, hypnotism, pickpocketing, as well as powerful skills of observation and a deep insight into the human psyche and behavior. These skills come in handy in every case, and his unorthodox and bizarre techniques to solve crimes sometimes offend the team of agents he works with. They often involve elaborate ruses and mind games to trick the culprit into confessing.

Episode 01: Redemption
It was a solid season beginning. I never expected much from the episodes, because I don’t think that the writers will wow me with a special cool episode. And this wasn’t one.
The case of the week was partly interesting, because I didn’t quite understand the conclusion. It seemed like there was a scene missing, because I didn’t get the whole blame thing. Maybe I just wasn’t paying enough attention.
The intro was genius. Murder in a shopping mall and Jane knew the killer from the start – just completely hilarious and totally cool, but the rest wasn’t really interesting. Okay, the Red John case in the hands of another agent is a good idea, but that doesn’t mean the CBI won’t discover something new about the case. And I believe that Red John is putting the case back in Jane’s hands anyway, when he finds out that the CBI is off the case. So this story might be pretty much useless.
Van Pelt (Amanda Righetti) was funny here. She was not only happy because of arresting a suspect, but she actually is driving the van – hey, character development! But just Jane’s behavior was dumb. Why can’t he just say what he is doing, why all these secrets? 7/10

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LOST 5.16/17: The Incident

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It is all a game for those two gentlemen.

So, that was the season finale, huh?
With a bit of a different ending and without the 2007 storyline this could have been easily the series finale, and now I want to know how Darlton are planning to end the series. And especially how the sixth season will look like story-wise. Until now the writers always managed to change the status quo of the series, and I believe the sixth season will, again, be much more different than the previous ones. This season managed for the first time, after I saw the finale of the first season in TV, to bring me back the awesomeness I had with the show during the first season. I didn’t watch the second season regularly, I didn’t really like the first half of the third season and the fourth one was good, but it started to get annoying with all those mysteries, clues, secrets and so on. But the unusual thing is: The fifth season isn’t really different compared to the previous four seasons, and maybe that is why I like this season so much. And maybe that is why I am hooked up again on Lost, as strong as I never was after the first season finale.

Okay, let’s go through everything.

Let’s start with the opening sequence, which would have been qualified for a season opening scene, instead of the opener of a season closing episode. And – whoa, dude: Jacob (Mark Pellegrino) in white, and a man in black (Titus Welliver). Apart from Jacob’s black pants, everything about him is bright – he smiles, he catches a bright-colored fish, he does what every castaway would do on a lonely beach. It is nice to let Jacob be an unknown character. We really didn’t see him before; it is not Richard, it is not one of the survivors, it is not Christian, it is not Vincent – Jacob is a complete new character, and he opens some doors for future storylines. Jacob seems nice and warm.
The man in black, without a name (I am not going to use the name the Lost community gave him, because of his biblical connection, he will be called “man in black” by me, until he has a name), isn’t. He wants to kill Jacob, but he has to find a loophole to do that… ehm, huh? What?

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LOST 5.15: Follow the Leader

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Jack and Sayid short before finding Jughead

Oh my fucking God, clearly the bridge from the season to the season finale. Everything gets prepared for the big bang, and everything is about to change. It could be easily the series finale coming up, because I don’t know what more is to come, when Jack blows up the hydrogen bomb, when Locke kills Jacob (huh? What?), when Sawyer, Kate and Juliet definitely will not arrive in Ann Arbor to get to their new lives. It is practically the first real series finale Lost will get to, but with one more season ahead.

The title of the episode suits the story perfectly, because we had a load of leadership in here. Jack (Matthew Fox) leads Sayid (Naveen Andrews, welcome back), Eloise (Alice Evans, please be a recurring next season, or at least don’t die during Jack’s destiny-changing) and Richard (Nestor Carbonell); Locke (Terry O’Quinn) leads a group of Richard’s people; Sawyer (Josh Holloway) leads (well, not really since he has cuffs on) Kate (Evangeline Lilly) and Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell); Miles (Ken Leung) (kind of) leads Hurley (Jorge Garcia) and Jin (Daniel Dae Kim), while Chang (François Chau) leads the people from the island. Whoa, dude, lots of stuff happening here.
And I got almost all of the actors’ names in the introduction. Hell, yeah!

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LOST 5.14: The Variable

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Daniel has a plan, Jack knows what to do and Kate comes along

Oh, my fucking God, what are you doing to me? Daniel back after a few episodes of abstinence, and he gets killed? WTF?
The 100th episode of the series and one major character gets killed? WTF?
The first real signs that Daniel was time traveling, before he even knew about the island (and yet knew about the island, when he was time traveling), and then he gets killed? By his own mother? What the fuck?

And this was not the only WTF for me. It already started with Daniel (Jeremy Davies) obviously knowing what was going to happen on the island. He knew that Dr. Pierre Chang (François Chau) would arrive at the Orchid station at that particular time of date, he talked to him and he told him that he is from the future (WTF number 1); seconds later, when Miles (Ken Leung) tries to stop Daniel, he mentions, Miles is Chang’s son (WTF number 2, I was whirling around with my arms, when I saw and heard Daniel talking about Miles being Chang’s son). Daniel explained before his trip to the Orchid that Jack (Matthew Fox) isn’t supposed to be in this time (WTF number 3, so nothing with pre-destined futures for our characters?). Charles Widmore (Alan Dale) is Daniel’s father (WTF number 4, I know there were some rumors about that earlier in the season, but I must have missed the clues). 1977-Eloise (Alice Evans) kills her own son (WTF number 5), and she knew it in our present, and she sent him to the island anyway (WTF number 6).
2007-Eloise (Fionnula Flanagan) shows up in the hospital to visit Penny (Sonya Walger, WTF number 7); Penny leaves Charlie (Marvin DeFreitas) alone with a nurse (WTF number 8), and goes to see Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick). I probably forgot some WTFs, but these were the most important ones. This was another one of those WTF-episodes. WTF…

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