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Episode Review: NEW GIRL (“Normal”)

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Season 1, Episode 20
Date of airing: Apr 10, 2012 (FOX)
Nielsen ratings information: 5.23 million viewers, 2.8/7 with A18-49

Oh my god, I like Russell (Dermot Mulroney) all of a sudden. Who would have thought that? Him playing True American with Jess’ roommates was funny as hell, because A) I didn’t understand this game at all, and B) He was so perfectly thrown into the mix of loft and chaos that I instantly liked the situation he found himself in. I thought for a short time that the guys could actually be friends with Russell, that he might be a character for more than just being the love interest for Jess (Zooey Deschanel), that he even might the change of season number. Bringing Russell into the loft was actually a neat idea. Maybe that’s why I suddenly like him, though he still is a character I couldn’t give a fuck about, because what do I know about him? His daughter’s name, the fact that he’s divorced, and that he’s rich. Blah. That alone tells me that Russell ain’t gonna be long-lasting in this show. Break-up pain in the season finale?

At the end it was a shame that there wasn’t more of Russell in the midst of the chaos in the loft. Also, Jess being mad about it was a typical cliché of a story, but I liked how she talked about fighting with Russell, which was never the case before, and which isn’t the thing she’s used to do. That give a bit of depth to her, but not to him, because it was Jess who was talking about it, and not Russell. Also, no second was being used to develop Russell as a character. He was drinking with the guys, he listened to that godawful pitch of Real-Apps (say it out loud, and you know what’s wrong with it), he was stabbed (which was actually hilarious), and he made up with Jess at the end. Everything was told from Jess’ point of view, never Russell. At least let me care about the random guest characters for a time, even when it’s just a short time.

I liked Winston’s (Lamorne Morris) story this time though. Gina (Michaela Watkins) actually returned for a scene, which took me by surprise, and how Elvin (Blake Garrett Rosenthal) “fired” him as a nanny was hilarious as fuck. His new job at the radio station could have been more hilarious though. Joe Napoli (Phil Hendrie) was a clichéd horrible boss, and the milkshake gag was maybe a bit too off for me (I don’t even know if Joe actually understood what Winston was telling him – putting beans in it and “shaking it like that” can easily mean “I put coffee beans in it and I shook it like that”), but in general, letting Winston live through one horrible job affair after another is somewhat amusing. But this joke has to end some time. I don’t need an angry Winston looking for a job every six episodes, because the writers don’t know what else to do with him.

At the end I have to mention my liking of the handling of Cece (Hannah Simone) and Schmidt’s (Max Greenfield) sexcapades. Now that it’s a simple relationship, without really being official, it became a side plot, which means that it will be getting more meaningful when the writers decide to make it more meaningful again (like, either a break-up, or officially dating). It’s the typical craft of writing, but it works. Proof that the writers understand what they are doing here. 7/10

It’s time to behave like a teenager

The beans give it a good taste

Written by Christian Wischofsky

November 27, 2012 at 10:01 AM

Episode Review: NEW GIRL (“Fancyman”, Part 1)

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Season 1, Episode 17
Date of airing: Mar 20, 2012 (FOX)
Nielsen ratings information: 5.18 million viewers, 2.7/7 with A18-49

It was a solid episode with a few great moments, but it showed again that the writers know what they are doing now. There were no disappointments in the last few episodes, and there were always things working out. So in this episode, picking up Nick (Jake Johnson) and his thing about not having money (which was part of the last episode, and which I mentioned) was a good choice, because the writers don’t just create completely new elements in their characters, but they continue to grow them with facts we already know. I mean, since the Christmas episode I was waiting for Winston (Lamorne Morris) to be the nanny, and all of a sudden Elvin (Blake Garrett Rosenthal) returns for two scenes, showing me the writers haven’t forgotten. Same goes with Shelby (Kali Hawk), who was missing since the Valentine’s episode, and I was mentioning her “existence” in last episode’s review. Seriously, sometimes I really wonder if I know TV before knowing it, when I mention things that will be part of the next episode. You might think I know all about it, because the shows have already aired and stuff, but that’s really not the case. Maybe it’s just predictable?

Anyway, good episode. I wonder if Russell (Dermot Mulroney) is going to be a recurring character, though I don’t really need another relationship for Jess (Zooey Deschanel). Here I fear the writers are going back to old habits, so let’s hope that Russell becomes the random character for two episodes and is forgotten in the following ones. I loved the story he was involved in though. Because the excitement of being befriended with someone having money was kinda awesome, especially when Nick started to fall in love with Russell. Sitting at Russell’s table, playing the president, folding the sweater, after Jess fell into the water… hilarious little things. Also, Nick’s money “problems” were hilarious. I don’t even know what’s so damn important about a credit score? Can’t you just buy a freaking prepaid phone for less than 200 bucks? That’s what I did. But whatever, it was funny. “Your weight is higher than your credit score.” I lol’d after that comment.

Unfortunately, the other part of the episode wasn’t that important. Okay, Shelby returned, and proof that the nanny job wasn’t forgotten, but the rest of the story is already forgotten. Again, nice that the writers try to give Winston something to do, but please let the story have a meaning for once. The trivia quiz wasn’t funny, and I’m about to forget all about is as I’m writing these letters here, because this story really was a waste of time. The writers blew this case, but I can excuse that. They can’t be on a roll for half a season, sometimes they have to blow. Especially when they rather want to focus on Jess and her new future boyfriend. 7/10

Being the boss for a second

Playing with the toilet, aren’t we?

Written by Christian Wischofsky

November 18, 2012 at 10:57 AM


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