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LOST 6.11: Happily Ever After

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Desmond's fans are happy: He is in the water again.

Seven hours are left. Seven hours, in which the writers have time to conclude all the stories on the island, in the flash-sideways, for the characters. Some must think that this might be the best chance to unpack the awesomeness of Lost, but since the final season defines “lame” new, we have to accept that we were wrong – and not just John Locke.
“Happily Ever After” showed something new in the Lost universe: It showed how an episode can be that awesome, but at the same time do damn boring and a waste of time, I was stunned and shocked after 42 minutes. I have never seen such an episode like this. Either the episode was the awesomeness in person, super, alright, boring or shit. But “Happily Ever After” was the awesomeness in person, alright, boring and shit. And I don’t even really know why…

And it has a simple reason, why I needed almost a week to write a review for this episode: I was so bored of it, I didn’t even know what to write anymore and put the draft somewhere in the attic, to all the other drafts I didn’t finish. Why bothering writing a review with the estimated 2000 words, when the episode was actually way too boring to write that much?
What is wrong with Lost’s final season?

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Written by Christian Wischofsky

April 13, 2010 at 7:19 PM

LOST 5.14: The Variable

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Daniel has a plan, Jack knows what to do and Kate comes along

Oh, my fucking God, what are you doing to me? Daniel back after a few episodes of abstinence, and he gets killed? WTF?
The 100th episode of the series and one major character gets killed? WTF?
The first real signs that Daniel was time traveling, before he even knew about the island (and yet knew about the island, when he was time traveling), and then he gets killed? By his own mother? What the fuck?

And this was not the only WTF for me. It already started with Daniel (Jeremy Davies) obviously knowing what was going to happen on the island. He knew that Dr. Pierre Chang (François Chau) would arrive at the Orchid station at that particular time of date, he talked to him and he told him that he is from the future (WTF number 1); seconds later, when Miles (Ken Leung) tries to stop Daniel, he mentions, Miles is Chang’s son (WTF number 2, I was whirling around with my arms, when I saw and heard Daniel talking about Miles being Chang’s son). Daniel explained before his trip to the Orchid that Jack (Matthew Fox) isn’t supposed to be in this time (WTF number 3, so nothing with pre-destined futures for our characters?). Charles Widmore (Alan Dale) is Daniel’s father (WTF number 4, I know there were some rumors about that earlier in the season, but I must have missed the clues). 1977-Eloise (Alice Evans) kills her own son (WTF number 5), and she knew it in our present, and she sent him to the island anyway (WTF number 6).
2007-Eloise (Fionnula Flanagan) shows up in the hospital to visit Penny (Sonya Walger, WTF number 7); Penny leaves Charlie (Marvin DeFreitas) alone with a nurse (WTF number 8), and goes to see Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick). I probably forgot some WTFs, but these were the most important ones. This was another one of those WTF-episodes. WTF…

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LOST 5.13: Some Like It Hoth

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Hurley and Miles talk about stuff. Wow, the characters talk to each other for a change...

Well, first: I had difficulties to understand the episode title. I am not a Star Wars geek, and that’s why the word “Hoth” got lost in translation and in meaning. And when even the title doesn’t say much about the episode, and the episode is actually quite … not interesting enough to be part of a bigger mystery in this season, then this episode has to be boring and stuff. And yeah, it was boring and stuff, but at least it was a little breather between anything what happened before this episode and what will happen after this one.

I would have thought we get to see a bit of Hurley (Jorge Garcia) and is reason why he returned to the island, but instead we had a simple flashback episode with Miles (Ken Leung). The episode wasn’t really that revealing (and we knew most of the facts already), but it was entertaining and had a few interesting scenes, which make the episode good, but mostly insignificant in the mythology of the series.
To chose Miles to be the episode-centric character, was kinda a good choice, because he still is an unknown character. With this one, we learn more about him. In his flashbacks he scammed a grieving father (Dean Norris), who lost his son (but, hey, Miles gave back the money, after he got the $1.6 mio offer), and he meets Naomi (Marsha Thomason, nice to have her back for one episode), whose boss wants to hire Miles for his talents.

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LOST 5.08: LaFleur

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The island's dream team on their way to their destiny

Wow, great episode, though almost nothing happened. But this episode is a great start to a wonderful new story, which lets me think how the series finale will look like: The 815 survivors are going to be in the Dharma initiative. That explains the season opener (Daniel at the Orchid), and that explains lots of other things as well as opening up new possibilities. So, what if the survivors are responsible for their own fates? What if they actions react into the future and to the crash of Oceanic 815? What if everything they do brings them to this situation they are in right now? It is like a chain reaction and a circle in time with no future for everybody. Oh my god, in the time/space continuum of Lost, this must be the first important episode.

I don’t even want to talk about the survivors’ beginning in the Dharma initiative (while saving Horace’s future mother of his child during the first hours in 1974), I want to talk about Daniel (Jeremy Davies) thinking about never talking to Charlotte. He knows that him talking to her leads to his “Whatever happened, happened” (and he said it during the beginning), but when he doesn’t talk to her, Charlotte’s fate is still open as well as her future. It lies on him to prove that his theory about changing the timeline, or let the events happen, is wrong. Is the island course-correcting when he doesn’t talk to her? Will Charlotte find out anyway? Will the island manipulate Daniel into talking to her after all? Or are Daniel’s words to Charlotte just stones in the long road of Charlotte’s life and it wouldn’t have made a difference, when he talks or not talks to her?
A great story opportunity to bomb Daniel’s theory away and let fate of all the characters change, let the future of all the characters change. That was the biggest WOW of the episode for me – together with the reminder back to the episode “Confirmed Dead”, in which Charlotte found a Dharma symbol in a desert, smiling about finding it. She knew Dharma, she knew the island (and she wanted to go back) and she found proof that the island really existed, on which she lived as a child.
Of all things, the story gets interesting, right after Charlotte died. What the fuck…

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LOST 5.05: This Place is Death

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Introducing: a very angry Danielle Rousseau

<– 5.04: The Little Prince

Mmmhkay, the season seems to be a real highlight. Another main character dies, another few time travels, and FINALLY Danielle’s backstory. I couldn’t believe it. I was thinking we would never see her, after Keamy’s men killed her in “Meet Kevin Johnson”.

Let’s do this step by step: Danielle (Melissa Farman) said at the beginning of the episode it was 1988. I read a fan theory once that the 815 survivors crash landed on the island, while jumping back in time to somewhat the 90s (the clue to that still has to come in this season I think) – which means that in the pilot episode, the survivors are not in 2004, but in the past. If this is right, then Danielle’s story doesn’t stand anymore (she always talked about being 16 years on the island, and Alex wasn’t really in her early teen years, when we saw her). Either time is moving on the island really different, or something in that fan theory isn’t right. But I have to watch the complete season and will come back to that later – maybe. But with the time being 1988 we saw some interesting things: How Danielle’s team gets killed by Smokey – is it course-correcting through killing the team, because the French team landed on the island, which wasn’t supposed to happen? If yes, why did it kill the 815 pilot in the first episode and why did it kill Eko in the third season? And was it the real team member who cried for help in the mysterious cave or a trap by Smokey to get the rest of the team down there (after all, this would be way more easier for Smokey to kill the team, without having much to “work”)? We never saw what happened after one of them got into the cave (because Jin [Daniel Dae Kim] had to time travel right afterwards, which sucked), which lets me believe that everybody got into the cave (except Danielle, who stayed outside, because Jin told her) and got sick, when they came out again. Whysoever. But this is revealing another big thing: Jin saved Danielle’s life – if he wouldn’t be there, she probably got into the cave and probably would have died as well, or she would have been a zombie like the rest of the team and lived zombie-like happily ever after. Heyho, somebody was talking about a zombie season in Lost – here we have it!

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LOST 5.04: The Little Prince

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One way to get from point A to point B - if there weren't the time travels...

<– 5.03: Jughead

I forgot to mention something, when I started the reviews for the fifth season: I partly watched the episodes for the first time, because I put Lost on hiatus during the airing of the fifth season and got back to the series like … half a year later. So, don’t wonder why there are not much connections in the reviews to other season five episodes. I didn’t watch them, when I wrote that. Basically, my rewatch-weeks starting November 2009 were: season five (partly watching for the first time), season three, four and five again.

To say something about the episode, before I get to all those time-taking moments: It was a good one, here and there average stories (Ben trying to separate Kate from Aaron), some awkward character moments (Sun in the car, taking her gun, getting out of the car), some cheesy dialogues (“I have always been with you”) and a cliffhanger, which needed five minutes to express itself, even though the cliffhanger was obvious from the first second of those five minutes.

First: Charlotte (Rebecca Mader) is still alive, though I don’t believe that will be the case for the rest of the season. Her losing the consciousness was too long, and it looks like the writers prepare her death (and the next episode is called “This Place is Death”, so this is pretty much Charlotte’s pre-death episode). The whole deal about the nose-bleeds seems very interesting though. At first only Charlotte had it (I don’t count all the previous nose bleeds we saw, I am only talking about the little group time traveling through the jungle, on their way to the Orchid), followed by a nose-bleed by Miles (Ken Leung), followed by a nose-bleed by Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell). And Daniel (Jeremy Davies) practically knows what is going on, which shows again that his mind seems to work properly now – the time travels really saved his ass, but it lets me ask about his constant.
One theory: The fact that Charlotte (as a kid); Miles (Chang’s baby – definitely) and Juliet (as one of the Others) were on the island, before Oceanic 815 crashed on the island lets me believe, that there can’t be two versions of one person on the island. We already know that the survivors time traveled in times between the 50s and the present, and highly likely jumped to a time, where they already existed on the island – even though they were staying only seconds or a few minutes in that particular time. Is the island course correcting the time travelers to die, so they can never meet each other on the island, because it would change history, and most important, fate? But for that, I don’t know why Desmond and some of the freighter crew had nose-bleeds back in the fourth season, because they never had doubles on the island. So, let’s say my theory isn’t that correct, which means that the time travels are responsible for the nose-bleeds – just why?

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LOST 5.03: Jughead

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Daniel in front of the "Jughead" bomb - not knowing what will happen.

<– 5.02: The Lie

I never could have believed that this episode was the preparation for the season finale, and that the bomb on the island would be the center of everything what’s happening and will happen (from the island’s timeline point of view). And who would have known, Charles Widmore meant with “The island’s mine” back in “The Shape of Things to Come” really that the island is his – basically. What the fuck…

But I don’t really know about the episode itself. The story on the island totally kept me going and guessing, but I couldn’t even start to think why the writers chose to have Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) in this episode and, frankly, in the whole season. With him being “miraculously special” and “unique”, it seems he will be an important character for the series’ mythology, but the writers never really knew what to do with Desmond. His story was over, until Desmond and Penny (Sonya Walger) found each other. Their story was over, after we saw what happened to them after 2004. Practically, Desmond’s story is told, and we don’t really need him anymore. But it looks like the writers wanted to include Daniel’s (Jeremy Davies) constant a bit more in the show – and not just because of the fact that Desmond is not in Daniel’s life anymore. And I thought Daniel needed his constant.
But there is one interesting theory: It is obvious that Daniel’s mind seems to heal with the time travels. How he handled the situation in the Others’ camp and how he was sure that the bomb will explode, lets me believe his memory problems are over for good now. Daniel is clearly in control over himself, he talks no gibberish anymore, instead he knows what he is talking about. And now talk about why Daniel seems to be “healed” in some sort, after the time travels start. Either the island repaired his mind during his stay on the island in season four, or the time travels have something to do with it, when Daniel’s mind jumps back and forth, maybe receiving some information from the times he is in (past, present and future)…

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Written by Christian Wischofsky

January 22, 2010 at 1:18 PM

LOST 5.01: Because You Left

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Hugo has a gun in his hand. For the first time ever.

Thirteen days until the sixth season premiere of Lost. Until then, I will have the reviews of all the episodes of the fifth season posted. We start with the mindfucking time travel-episode.

Okay, this is what I call a season opener. And I am stunned how the flash forwards now changed the series. Like I wrote during the review of “The Beginning of the End”, the flash forward are there to build a bridge in the timeline between the Oceanic Six being rescued in 2004/2005 and going back to the island in 2008. We pretty much had the most important moments of the Oceanic Six’s life during the three years after the rescue in the fourth season, which gives the writers the chance to tell the island and the Oceanic Six story simultaneously. This is an interesting storytelling element, which makes the first part of the season so damn entertaining.

Seriously, this episode is just one big “What the Fuck” moment. And the series takes its last steps into the SciFi genre and left everything behind what was in the first episodes of the series: mystery, characters, a slow story. I already missed that in the fourth season and I will miss it here again, because this one felt just like an episode for the fans. Give them thousands and thousands more of WTF moments, keep a big and more bigger mystery behind it and loose all the sense for the characters, because there is no time for that in the final two seasons.
The season premiere was great and I love these WTFs – and it is wonderful how the writers tell their stories in various timelines now. First the present timeline with the Oceanic Six, then the, I call it past (because their story picked up directly after Ben moved the island, while the Oceanic Six had three years to live after their rescue), with the survivors.

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LOST 4.13/14: There’s No Place Like Home (2)

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<– 4.12: There’s No Place Like Home (1)

It’s the finale of the fourth season and it is a new opportunity for the writers to tell a complete different storyline: The island moved, the freighter exploded, Locke is dead, Desmond and Penny found each other, the frozen donkey wheel was part of a kinda-shitty fantasy-c-movie.

While the flash forwards of the first part of the final three-parter showed, what happened directly after the Oceanic Six got
rescued, the second and third part shows what happened directly before the Oceanic Six return to the island. Because with the time span of the fifth season, the moment, where Jack (Matthew Fox) tries to convince Kate (Evangeline Lilly) that they have to return, is just a few days before the crash of Ajira flight 316 in the fifth season.
So, do you remember the guy in the coffin in the third season finale? Well, his name was Jeremy Bentham (nobody knows him…) and he obviously visited everybody from the Oceanic Six (with the exception of Sun (Yunjin Kim), the episode didn’t clear that Sun was visited by him, and the fact that she always traveled through the world, I think Bentham never had the chance to visit her) and we will see at the end of the episode, whose face is behind Jeremy Bentham.
He visited Jack, and even though he was happy to get off the island, Bentham obviously made a good point with Jack, because for a month, Jack was flying around the world, hoping to crash and return to the island. But Jack doesn’t know jack, and of all things Ben is it, who tells Jack what do to: The island won’t let Jack return alone, all of the Oceanic Six have to return – the perfect storyline for the fifth season. After we saw how the Oceanic Six were rescued, we will see now, how they get back to the island.
And that is practically everything, what Jack’s scenes in the flash forward have to offer.

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LOST 4.12: There’s No Place Like Home (1)

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I wanted to, but I couldn’t do it. Right now, I don’t have the endurance to write more than one or two reviews per day. So, I split the reviews of “There’s No Place Like Home” like they were aired on ABC. Today the first part, tomorrow the second and third part. I originally planned to put all three parts in one review.

<– 4.11: Cabin Fever

Okay, if you want it so: This is the actual pre-finale of the season. Many groups are on the march to something, the Oceanic Six are pretty much stranded over all the island and we definitely have something going on during the final two hours of the season, but lets recap everything, so we have a bit of an order here.

The flash forwards are interesting, because finally we are at a point, in which we see how
the Oceanic Six came from the island. With the first scene of this episode, we practically see the scene, which we normally would see directly after the season finale: The cargo plane with the six survivors lands on Hawaii (this was practically the first and only time the producers could use Hawaii to play Hawaii). And the scene, where the returned survivors meet with their families again was totally awesome. Finally some real character moments again after all the chaos during the season; finally something to live and cheer up for.
By the way: Karen Decker was an interesting character, and not just because she was played by Michelle Forbes (I like her since her performance in Battlestar Galactica, she needs her own show). As the public relations representative, she could have been an important character, when Oceanic had something to do with 815 crashing on the island. But it was just a character for one episode and two scenes. It would be interesting to know, if she knew something about the O6-lie.

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