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LOST 5.01: Because You Left

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Hugo has a gun in his hand. For the first time ever.

Thirteen days until the sixth season premiere of Lost. Until then, I will have the reviews of all the episodes of the fifth season posted. We start with the mindfucking time travel-episode.

Okay, this is what I call a season opener. And I am stunned how the flash forwards now changed the series. Like I wrote during the review of “The Beginning of the End”, the flash forward are there to build a bridge in the timeline between the Oceanic Six being rescued in 2004/2005 and going back to the island in 2008. We pretty much had the most important moments of the Oceanic Six’s life during the three years after the rescue in the fourth season, which gives the writers the chance to tell the island and the Oceanic Six story simultaneously. This is an interesting storytelling element, which makes the first part of the season so damn entertaining.

Seriously, this episode is just one big “What the Fuck” moment. And the series takes its last steps into the SciFi genre and left everything behind what was in the first episodes of the series: mystery, characters, a slow story. I already missed that in the fourth season and I will miss it here again, because this one felt just like an episode for the fans. Give them thousands and thousands more of WTF moments, keep a big and more bigger mystery behind it and loose all the sense for the characters, because there is no time for that in the final two seasons.
The season premiere was great and I love these WTFs – and it is wonderful how the writers tell their stories in various timelines now. First the present timeline with the Oceanic Six, then the, I call it past (because their story picked up directly after Ben moved the island, while the Oceanic Six had three years to live after their rescue), with the survivors.

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LOST 4.13/14: There’s No Place Like Home (2)

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<– 4.12: There’s No Place Like Home (1)

It’s the finale of the fourth season and it is a new opportunity for the writers to tell a complete different storyline: The island moved, the freighter exploded, Locke is dead, Desmond and Penny found each other, the frozen donkey wheel was part of a kinda-shitty fantasy-c-movie.

While the flash forwards of the first part of the final three-parter showed, what happened directly after the Oceanic Six got
rescued, the second and third part shows what happened directly before the Oceanic Six return to the island. Because with the time span of the fifth season, the moment, where Jack (Matthew Fox) tries to convince Kate (Evangeline Lilly) that they have to return, is just a few days before the crash of Ajira flight 316 in the fifth season.
So, do you remember the guy in the coffin in the third season finale? Well, his name was Jeremy Bentham (nobody knows him…) and he obviously visited everybody from the Oceanic Six (with the exception of Sun (Yunjin Kim), the episode didn’t clear that Sun was visited by him, and the fact that she always traveled through the world, I think Bentham never had the chance to visit her) and we will see at the end of the episode, whose face is behind Jeremy Bentham.
He visited Jack, and even though he was happy to get off the island, Bentham obviously made a good point with Jack, because for a month, Jack was flying around the world, hoping to crash and return to the island. But Jack doesn’t know jack, and of all things Ben is it, who tells Jack what do to: The island won’t let Jack return alone, all of the Oceanic Six have to return – the perfect storyline for the fifth season. After we saw how the Oceanic Six were rescued, we will see now, how they get back to the island.
And that is practically everything, what Jack’s scenes in the flash forward have to offer.

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LOST 4.12: There’s No Place Like Home (1)

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I wanted to, but I couldn’t do it. Right now, I don’t have the endurance to write more than one or two reviews per day. So, I split the reviews of “There’s No Place Like Home” like they were aired on ABC. Today the first part, tomorrow the second and third part. I originally planned to put all three parts in one review.

<– 4.11: Cabin Fever

Okay, if you want it so: This is the actual pre-finale of the season. Many groups are on the march to something, the Oceanic Six are pretty much stranded over all the island and we definitely have something going on during the final two hours of the season, but lets recap everything, so we have a bit of an order here.

The flash forwards are interesting, because finally we are at a point, in which we see how
the Oceanic Six came from the island. With the first scene of this episode, we practically see the scene, which we normally would see directly after the season finale: The cargo plane with the six survivors lands on Hawaii (this was practically the first and only time the producers could use Hawaii to play Hawaii). And the scene, where the returned survivors meet with their families again was totally awesome. Finally some real character moments again after all the chaos during the season; finally something to live and cheer up for.
By the way: Karen Decker was an interesting character, and not just because she was played by Michelle Forbes (I like her since her performance in Battlestar Galactica, she needs her own show). As the public relations representative, she could have been an important character, when Oceanic had something to do with 815 crashing on the island. But it was just a character for one episode and two scenes. It would be interesting to know, if she knew something about the O6-lie.

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LOST 4.10: Something Nice Back Home

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<– 4.09: The Shape Of Things To Come

Well, it probably was something of a filler episode, before we go directly to the big three-part season finale. But secretly it brings answers to some questions we had during the first flash forwards of the series, while the writers let us ask some new ones as well.

So, Kate (Evangeline Lilly) and Jack (Matthew Fox) are living together, he engages with her, both raise Aaron (William Blanchette, Kate still refers to him as “the baby”, which is
completely bullshit – I totally wouldn’t call Aaron a baby, when he already can walk. How about calling him by his name, or “kid”?). Meanwhile Jack works as a doctor again and has lots to do, especially when he sees his dead father (John Terry) on two occasions. This is the perfect time for him to start with his pill addiction, while he loses trust in Kate, when she starts to lie. And he visits Hurley (Jorge Garcia) in Santa Rosa.
Basically, this is the short version of the flash forward, and with the exception of a few moments it wasn’t really that interesting. I couldn’t believe that I actually liked the Jack/Kate relationship, even though the scenes between both of them during the flash forwards were sometimes unbelievable.

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LOST 4.09: The Shape Of Things To Come

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<– 4.08: Meet Kevin Johnson

After the writer’s strike: Lost returns with an action-packed episode, lots of dramatic and an awesome acting by Michael Emerson. We had a few WTF moments with a big eye-opener in the middle of the episode, and we have to say “Goodbye” to one recurring character: RIP Alex Rousseau, I will never forget how you died on that show. I had a similar expression like Michael Emerson did here…

One thing upfront: I love this episode, even though I wasn’t really satisfied with the ending and Ben’s (Michael Emerson) flash forward story. After all, it just explains why Sayid (Naveen Andrews) was working for Ben in “The Economist”, while in the background it sets some stories in motion we didn’t really see in the fourth season. But Ben’s flash forward was a nice preparation for the fifth season, because it was the very beginning of what we are going to see during season five.
The episode begins with Sawyer (Josh Holloway) and Hurley (Jorge Garcia) in Dharmaville playing Risk, while on the beach Jack (Matthew Fox) worries he has a stomach bug and has to take some medicine. After all, he is a doctor here…
What nobody knows is, that Keamy (Kevin Durand) captured Alex (Tania Raymonde) and wants her to turn off the sonic fence, so Keamy and his men can get over to Dharmaville to sack Ben. Alex is able to activate code “14-J”, which gets to a kinda-secret phone in Ben’s house and which Locke (Terry O’Quinn) is listening to. Soon, the folks in Dharmaville are in a hurry to hide in Ben’s house and barricade it, because Ben knows what is happening very soon. I have just one big nitpick about that: When Locke turned sides in the season premiere “The Beginning of the End”, there were clearly a lot of people, who went with Locke to Dharmaville. I already noticed in the last episode, that there are only major and recurring characters in Ben’s living room, when Miles (Ken Leung) informed the folks that they were here for Benjamin Linus, and now I am asking myself: Where are the other survivors who went with Locke, except the three redshirts who got shot? There have to be more, but they aren’t on-screen during the shoot-out in Dharmaville.

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LOST 4.06: The Other Woman

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<– 4.05: The Constant

It might not be a really important or genius episode, but “The Other Woman” was solid entertainment with another “What happened with Juliet on the island?”-flashbacks. Only the thing is: Her flashbacks weren’t really that interesting, and the present storyline was kinda full of filler stories and questionable actions.
Long intro, short outcome: The episode bored me.

Let’s begin with Juliet’s (Elizabeth Mitchell) flashback, which cleverly disguised itself as a flash forward at the beginning; another one of those examples how the writers can bring you on a false trail. And of all things the fan-favorite Other Tom (M.C. Gainey) is it, who declares the supposed-to-be flash forward as a flashback, when he enters the stage.
After her arrival on the island, Juliet visits Harper Stanhope (Andrea Roth), the psychiatrist of the island and the wife of Goodwin. Harper is foreshadowing things to come (her name Stanhope can be connected with the Stanhopea, a genus of the orchid family – The Orchid station) and she is not really a good psychiatrist, because she doesn’t get through to Juliet. Not just because of Goodwin (Brett Cullen) flirting with Juliet (and therefor obviously having problems with his wife), but Ben bringing himself into Juliet’s life.

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LOST 4.05: The Constant

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<– 4.04: Eggtown

My personal highlight of the reviews. Finally I had to write something. More than 3000 words for one single episode is even for me a new record.

Well… this episode pretty much kept all Lost fans busy for a while. A mind-blowing episode with lots to cover up. The best episode so far this season, and probably one of the best episodes of the series. Some hate this episode, because Lost now totally steps foot into scifi, the rest love this episode, because this is what hardcore fans want to see in Lost. “The Constant” was a confusing episode, with not much of big WTF moments,
but scenes in which you are scratching your head, because you don’t understand; moments in which you have big eyes and whisper “huh?” and “what?” because you don’t understand. This episode was not for the average TV audience, this one was for fans only. And for manifesting the topic “time travel” into the series’ mythology.

Basically, this episode has flashbacks of Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick). But actually, they are not really flashbacks, and when you think a bit harder, they are anything but flashbacks. These are the moments Desmond time travels to – literally.
So here what’s happening: In “The Economist”, Desmond and Sayid (Naveen Andrews) take off with the chopper; thanks to “Eggtown” we know the flight took a bit more than one full day. We see the flight during the beginning of the episode, and Frank (Jeff Fahey) has difficulties to hold on the 305 course Daniel (Jeremy Davies) gave him. The chopper flies directly into a storm, Frank has problems, the chopper has some malfunctions and this is the moment, when Desmond finds itself back in the year 1996, when he was in the Scottish army. First he thought he was in a very vivid dream, he says his dreams were never like this before. And there is the first big point: Desmond travels back to 1996, but he can’t remember anything, what happened after 1996. He believes the chopper ride he just had in 2004 was a dream, and so he believes it was just a dream, until he finds himself back in the chopper and starts acting crazy. You would think with the jump back to the chopper everything would be normal again, but Desmond can’t remember anything. He doesn’t know where he is, he doesn’t know Sayid and he definitely doesn’t know what’s happening right now. His consciousness from 1996 just traveled into the future. And that is the moment when I was thinking: HUH, WHAT?

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January 11, 2010 at 11:00 AM


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