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Episode Review: ENTOURAGE (“Lose Yourself”, Season Finale)

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Well, here it is: I didn’t really like the season finale. Nothing against a bit more grittiness, because of Vince’s (Adrian Grenier) drug troubles and the intervention, and even though Vince’s troubles were prepared from the season premiere on, showing him taking the coke, and actually getting sick from it, came a bit suddenly. All the episodes before, he seemed to be in control of everything, we only saw him taking coke once (no matter if he took more off-camera and between the scenes and episodes), but in the season finale he is falling down. As if the writers were waiting for this episode to “make shit blow up”.

So, in the sixth season finale, Eric (Kevin Connolly) popped the question to Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui). For the whole seventh season, there wasn’t much Sloan in the story, and not really much talk about the wedding. And all of a sudden Terrance (Malcolm McDowell) comes to Eric and talks about signing a prenup, because he thinks that Eric might be a bit too interested in Sloan’s (and Terrance’s) money, and because Terrance doesn’t seem to think that Eric is good enough for his daughter. Okay, this story brings a different light to the relationship between Eric and Sloan in the next season, but was this another sign of the writers not wanting to have those storylines and similar in the season, instead of in the season finale, just to “make shit blow up”?

Ari (Jeremy Piven) finally loses Mrs. Ari (Perrey Reeves). At least this story was somewhat logical after the whole build-up during the season, but it was the only story, which I actually liked here. It was dramatic, it was emotional with Christina Aguilera singing her song, and it promises something for the next season: I never could imagine Ari without Mrs. Ari and wonder now, how the next season is working with the separation. And maybe, just a little bit, the story totally develops Ari as a character, and since all the shit happening to Ari throughout the last episodes, maybe, just a little bit, the writers give Ari a bit of a different attention in the final season. He just can’t act like he did before. His life totally changed now. Indeed, shit just “blew up” in this story.

Turtle (Jerry Ferrara), Eric and Drama (Kevin Dillon) didn’t have much to do in this episode and were just called for the intervention. Turtle’s business end of the tequila story could have been more interesting, and the writers could have answered the question why he’s still working on a business with Alex (Dania Ramirez). Wasn’t Alex in the story, because she was ultimately part of the Avion brand? So why is she literally showing the back to Carlos and continues to build a business with Turtle? Is their love in the mix (and I still don’t get them as a couple)? Furthermore, Eric trying to take down Murray together with Scott (Scott Caan) sounds interesting, but it was only a mention of it. Nothing was done, except Eric being pissed about the situation, because he couldn’t even believe that Sloan told Terrance about Vince. I hope the takedown of Murray gets a continuation in the next season, but not just because it promises for Scott Caan to come back.

And finally Vince on his low point of his career. Like I said, I get why Doug Ellin chose to show his fucked-up side only in this episode, but that doesn’t mean I have to take it for granted. Which is why I think the fight with Eminem and his bodyguards was over the top, as well as Vince’s behavior to Minka Kelly and the other girl, whom I forgot already. Even a guy like Vince, as stupid as he might be, would have noticed his own cocky behavior and how he is destroying himself with his actions. But who knows, maybe it was the easiest way to show the true nature of Vince’s character. I don’t even want to talk about the cliffhanger, since I didn’t care about the bag of coke in Vince’s possession. It was a nice cliffhanger, but I already expect for it to mysteriously disappear in the next season premiere. But it brings Vince to another low down of his career after the fifth season. Now I’m thinking about it: Vince on the ground of Hollywood twice in three years – who still thinks that he’s able to be a movie star? 5.5/10

A couple of tears

A couple of black eyes

Episode Review: ENTOURAGE (“Porn Scenes from an Italian Restaurant”)

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I’m a bit confused now. Either the writers don’t know how to mix up the darker tone of this part of the show with the lighter tone of the sub plots, or ENTOURAGE just is not suited to be a darker show. This episode could have been a perfect moment for the stories to go deeper, and for (some of) the characters to do some real shit, eventually leading up to an interesting season finale and an interesting final season.

Vince (Adrian Grenier) didn’t even have a lot of screentime. His only story consisted of meeting Peter Berg for the Airwalker movie, and getting Sasha (Sasha Grey) a role in it, so that he can kinda control her career, and prevent himself from getting jealous, before Sasha goes to make the gang bang movie with her former fiance. I actually liked that Vince told the L word to her, even though I don’t know if he was serious about it (and the episode didn’t even go back to them, after they went in the washroom to have sex). And I don’t believe that Peter Berg gives a shit about Vince’s situation, as long as he comes to work and delivers. Even a guy like him, who seems to be more of a Rambo in the Hollywood business should care about his actors. Or maybe it’s just me, who can’t understand, why there is a director in Hollywood, who doesn’t care about the health of a Hollywood star.

The rest of the storylines were okay. But the most annoying part of Turtle’s (Jerry Ferrara) efforts of getting the Avion tequila on American soil was Carlos (Miguel Sandoval). He brought Turtle into the game, because he obviously wanted Avion to be a brand name in the US – even if it’s only through Vince’s face. But now he is not ready to expand, when he has the money, or let his tequila business being run by people, who understand something about the business? I can understand why he doesn’t want to sell the company, and that it was always in family hand, but Carlos doesn’t even talk business with the business man. At least he could have listened to them, especially after Turtle works so hard to get Avion into the States. So, in this case I don’t appreciate the story.

Ari’s (Jeremy Piven) story was okay, but a bit annoying at the end, when Amanda (Carla Gugino) told him that she was helping him and that it wasn’t her, who released the tapes. All of a sudden, she wanted to help Ari and saw in him the only asset Hollywood had to bring a L.A. based football team into the NFL? Didn’t the leader said a couple of episodes ago that the NFL doesn’t do scandals? So why should they be interested in bringing Ari back into the game? Especially with Amanda as the negotiator between the two parties. And especially since Amanda always wanted Ari to rotten for what he did two seasons ago. Sorry, but that was really inconsistent this time. But I have to say, I loved the bowling scenes. It was one of the rare moments seeing Ari doing something with his family. And though I wasn’t satisfied with the ending of his story, I liked that his marriage seems to be ruined now.

I just hope the season finale rocks. Now that Drama (Kevin Dillon) has his show thanks to Jennie’s (Janet Montgomery) help (love story on the horizon?), the season finale has found a bit more time to bring the other stories to a climax. Or to an ending. Because this episode wasn’t really the burner of this season and probably even the weakest episode since a long time… 5.5/10

Vince had a bad night

At least Phil has good news

Written by Christian Wischofsky

July 21, 2011 at 9:00 AM

Episode Review: ENTOURAGE (“Sniff Sniff Gang Bang”)

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The series is getting more interesting with this darker tone than I would have ever imagined. Now the lives of the friends are fucked up, because one part chose to fuck up his life. And it’s interesting how ENTOURAGE can stay true to its self, even with drugs being the driving force in this half of the season. But there is a downside to it.

Unfortunately, this whole plot involving Vince (Adrian Grenier) is not getting him anywhere far with Sasha (Sasha Grey). The relationship becomes somewhat fake and distanced from the rest of the stories (though the latter seems to be intended by the writers), and it looks like the writers are just focusing on this little storyline. They even gave Sasha a storyline about an offer for a gang bang movie. I don’t know if it was the perfect choice to include Sasha into a bigger story, instead of just letting her stay as the troublemaker, who accompanies Vince to a darker path with alcohol and drugs. And all of a sudden, she is the character with a movie offer, who kinda uses Vince for a role in Airwalker, but doesn’t want him to affect her job in the adult business? It’s a back and forth here, some inconsistencies, and finally I can understand why people hated Doug Ellin for including Sasha into the seventh season, or Sasha herself for her acting chops in here. Though she is a good actress, she doesn’t get good writing from the crew behind the cameras. And this somehow destroys the credibility of ENTOURAGE so short before the season finale.

The situation with the drug test was alright though. But I wonder why nobody was realizing that Vince is actually taking drugs, since he was so captive to tell to everyone he is not taking the drug test. In addition, I would have wished for a bigger conflict between Vince and Dana Gordon (Constance Zimmer) here. Now that she has screentime thanks to this story, which also brings her past with Ari (Jeremy Piven) back to radar, the writers could use it for a real big conflict. Same thing goes to Billy (Rhys Coiro) and Eric (Kevin Connolly). Now that Billy told Eric about last episode’s party, there could have been a bigger outcome of everything. And instead the episode just worked on a conflict between Eric and Scott (Scott Caan).

I loved how Ari’s current situation is leading him into marriage troubles with Mrs. Ari (Perrey Reeves). I liked the therapy session and his face, when she mentioned about re-evaluating the relationship with him. As if he just realized right there that his marriage might be in danger. Ari might be the source of some great one- or twoliners, but here I’ve had the feeling that he got some real character development. Despite him saying all the time his family comes first, this was the first moment, where it seemed like it was actually true.

The side plots were okay. Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) and Alex (Dania Ramirez) probably have a deal with their tequila company with Mark (Mark Cuban), and Drama (Kevin Dillon) almost gets his show, if he only would be ready to do the show. Unfortunately, those two storylines went under the radar because of Vince and Ari, and I hope that those two storylines will be back on greater focus in the next two episodes. I wouldn’t mind, when the pressure of both Vince and Ari – even though the driving force of the second season half – is scaled a bit down. 6.5/10

There's something bad in this situation

There's some good in this relationship

Episode Review: ENTOURAGE (“Tequila and Coke”)

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It was a good episode, with a good little mystery: Who sent the tapes to Deadline, and did Lizzie (Autumn Reeser) punk’d Ari (Jeremy Piven) to get him at the balls with Amanda’s help? Now that the press is having a say in this situation, I could imagine that Ari’s big house of cars will crash. After Vince and Drama had their career downs, it is now Ari who gets this story – very intriguing.

So, Ari was almost done with his fight for his name, until the Deadline article was revealed. What a shame that I only had a lame copy of the episode, otherwise I would have had fun to actually read the article. But throughout the whole episode I was smelling this exact twist. I was thinking about the possibility that Lizzie was just playing him, and I was thinking that even Deadline kinda played with him in the beginning. Like, they’ve had the story for the day, but decided to let Ari sweat for a couple of hours, maybe even Lizzie gave herself the opportunity to score a job with that little story. I was not really surprised, when Dateline broke the story, but I’m intrigued how it will continue. Especially since it’s a scandal, and the episode left open Mrs. Ari’s (Perrey Reeves) point of view.

The other storylines weren’t really interesting though. In last episode’s review I was mentioning that Turtle’s (Jerry Ferrara) tequila story didn’t get as much attention as I wanted, and in this episode he was literally selling the bottles. It’s nice to see him living his business, but I hope the next three episodes will go deeper into it, because it doesn’t seem like a business yet. Instead I have the feeling the writers don’t really know what to do with Turtle in this season, and try to stretch the tequila story a bit too far.

Billy’s (Rhys Coiro) idea for Drama’s (Kevin Dillon) cartoon series was hilarious. Even I was laughing during the pitch meeting, and I loved how Drama was reacting: totally in his future character. I just wasn’t happy about how Drama eventually reacted to Billy’s idea, though the writers stayed true to his character. I just hope he will come back to his sense fast, because I really want to see how Drama is doing as a voice character in the next season.

I don’t know what to think of Vince’s (Adrian Grenier) story though. Yeah, he took some coke, he lied to Eric (Kevin Connolly), and Billy somehow reflects his old life with Vince’s new one now. But the story wasn’t dramatic at all. He just had a meeting with Randall (Randall Wallace), and that’s basically it. Randall is worried again (he already was the last couple of episodes), the studio gets worried again (they were the last couple of episodes), and it brings Ari and Eric to flip out because of it (and they were flipping out already in the last episode). So, the whole thing this episode wasn’t really new – except the thing with the coke, and the little scene with Billy watching him doing coke. But here I wondered why Scott (Scott Caan) wasn’t saying anything in the last scene. After all, he was present in that particular moment. Seems like he cares as much about Vince as does Sasha (Sasha Grey).

Three episodes left, and the characters are getting annoyed. Now it’s time to push the storylines in the rest of the short season. And yeah, the season’s way too short. 7/10

Johnny is clearly bananas

Beaten by a red-headed woman. Or so it seems.

Written by Christian Wischofsky

July 19, 2011 at 9:00 AM

Episode Review: ENTOURAGE (“Hair”)

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Another great episode, and finally the shit is happening: The studio starts to worry about Vince (Adrian Grenier), Ari (Jeremy Piven) starts to worry about his career, and the writers start to worry, if the darker tone of the series is actually the right tone in this stage of the series. Otherwise they wouldn’t have included Turtle’s (Jerry Ferrara) little shaving problem in the episode.

Because it was basically the only light-toned story. Finally he’s scoring with Alex (Dania Ramirez), and then he freaks out, because he was never with a shaved woman. First, I can’t really believe it; second, I can’t even believe that it would freak somebody out that much. I don’t know if the story was over the top or just the easy way for the writers to couple Turtle and Alex together. After all, it took them six episodes to show them together in bed, and they still haven’t much of a chemistry. And it seems like it’s the only storyline for Turtle left in this season. Even the whole tequila company think is kinda running in the background, and Turtle doesn’t really do anything with it anymore.

I loved the approach of Eric (Kevin Connolly) and Scott (Scott Caan) wanting to get past their teachers and become the next big agents in Hollywood. Scott was clearly right, when he mentioned the out-of-town “business” of Murray’s and basically Ari’s, and there’s definitely a larger story behind it. Eventually the writers could use Scott for this story, giving him more screentime for the rest of the season, or even a place in the final season. I hope Scott had some time while shooting HAWAII FIVE-0, because it really could be a great story. Alternatively, the eight season could consist of Eric climbing up the latter in tha agency, eventually becoming a vice or something (or Eric could end up being what Ari was in the beginning of the show).

Ari battling for his name was nice, and that it’s causing him loads of trouble on an emotional level is even nicer. It’s great that Amanda (Carla Gugino) gets her screentime back, and when she was in Ari’s office, I was not just stunned about her cleavage (clearly focused by the camera and director), but that the writers actually found new time for her. But since Lizzie (Autumn Reeser) is not suing after all, and decided to give the tapes to Deadline, I wonder if this story will have a continuation.

Billy (Rhys Coiro) is back. Hell yeah! I still wished he would have been more of a major character in the fourth season, but at least he’s back now. And I kinda like him cleaned up like that. And I like how fast he was connected with Drama’s (Kevin Dillon) network deal problem. The cartoon idea is actually not bad, and it would bring a new twist on Drama’s job, as well as lots of development in an interesting way. I just want to see how somebody would tell Drama that he’s ugly as fuck and that his face is not made for the camera.

Vince’s story was the most important one, no question there. I still can’t believe I like the relationship between him and Sasha (Sasha Grey), and besides the obligatory nude scene with pubic hair (is this the reason for the episode title?), I can’t believe she is taking her role seriously. It should be clear that Sasha is not playing herself in this show, rather a personification of her bad side – otherwise I couldn’t take the whole story seriously, in which she doesn’t do anything to talk some sense into Vince. The last scene showed it all: She doesn’t care very much about Vince (instead she cares about the definition of their relationship), and she’s not interested in doing something else than drinking the tequila and fucking Vince. Could be an interesting story later on in this season. 8/10

Amanda is not looking for a hook-up

Billy is looking for redemption

Written by Christian Wischofsky

July 18, 2011 at 9:00 AM

Episode Review: ENTOURAGE (“Bottoms Up”)

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OMG, what a great episode. I was laughing halfway through, and during the other half I was thinking how good the writers were in finally firing up Vince’s (Adrian Grenier) troubled storyline in a subtle way. And boy, how does the series look good, when the producers have Aaron Sorkin AND Bob Saget guest starring. Even in the same episode!

Starring with Ari’s (Jeremy Piven) fight of getting back the clients Lizzie (Autumn Reeser) stole. First it was really cool that she’s working with Amanda now. Not only brought it back Amanda (Carla Gugino) for an arc, which will hopefully bring her to appear again, but a duel Lizzie/Amanda versus Ari would be really cool to see. Ari doesn’t have just one match, but actually two, who want to bite his dick off in an evil way. Other than that I have the feeling we just saw Ari and Mrs. Ari (Perrey Reeves) having actual sex for the first time in ENTOURAGE. Plus the fourth or fifth time with Mrs. Ari wearing very hot lingerie. Please more of that, and with all the humor between the two as well. Ari’s private life is never really in the focus of attention, and I would appreciate it, when Mrs. Ari is more than just Ari’s wife and has actual screentime during an actual story just for her.

Vince dates Sasha Grey. First off, I’m one of the people who can’t remember if he ever saw a porno with her, and I liked her stint in THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE. Second, she’s actually funny. Third, I say that people saying she can’t act are stupid. Just because she is the reason for Vince’s demise doesn’t mean she is a bad actress because of it. It is nice that the writers have found another … star in Hollywood to give a serious arc and to actually use for the show. Sasha has a proper use for the show, and her first appearance was good enough to tease it all. And finally the writers give a reason why Vince is so on the edge lately – and I always wondered that he just found the kick of the edginess (is that a word?) to be awesome. Only Turtle’s (Jerry Ferrara) plan of getting Vince involved in the tequila promotion went a bit downhill here. Somehow I don’t want to believe that Turtle is luring Vince into the promotion and basically using him, but at least it gave the episode some nice tequila shots.

I loved the anal story though. I was laughing when Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui, no nude scene?) found Eric’s (Kevin Connolly) web history, and I was laughing even more, when they tried anal in bed (how many visits do I get for trying to get through this arc?). Earlier I wasn’t really believing the engagement between Sloan and Eric, since the chemistry was somehow missing (thanks to Sloan not having screentime at all), but this time their relationship worked better, and I would wish for Sloane to appear a bit more often – even in season eight, when the two are finally married. Or Sloan becomes the next Mrs. Ari, which also means she won’t be getting any real screentime.

Drama (Kevin Dillon) losing his TV show to Bob Saget… What a shame that the story is already over. I don’t know what to say. First it demolishes any future appearances of John Stamos, and second, it demolishes the only good storyline I was actually interested in. I don’t know what to think of it, except the writers needing some time to tell Vince’s storyline. Now that Drama is jobless again, he won’t get another story right now, which means more time for Vince. 8.5/10

Dating a porn star in Hollywood is easy

Anal is hard to do

Episode Review: ENTOURAGE (“Tequila Sunrise”)

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That I call a good episode. Conflicts beyond conflicts, some humor through two different, but similar crazed actors, and a storyline, which seems to unfold itself very big. That’s how I like ENTOURAGE.

We begin with the NFL storyline, and how it actually doesn’t affect the characters. Instead Lizzie (Autumn Reeser) is still in the game of trouble and makes Ari (Jeremy Piven) look bad. I don’t know if the writers thought of those events, when they were ruining Andrew’s life with Lizzie’s help, or if this story was the best outcome the writers came up with last year. Short: I like the story, because it was something else. Finally Ari made his match, and finally he is getting his ass kicked by a woman, who is not his wife or his boss. FInally he is getting into some real trouble, which could eventually fuck him up real hard – especially when there are talks of leading a Los Angeles based football team into the NFL. But since there are six episodes left in this season, I’m in a bit of fear, because the story could be rushed throughout the rest of the season – which I won’t like, after the mess surrounding Ari is promising to be the best storyline this season.

Turtle’s (Jerry Ferrara) storyline was alright this time. I liked the mystery about the business, and I liked the back and forth between him and Alex (Dania Ramirez). Finally I’m starting to believe that Alex might have interests in Turtle, and now I can accept the two as a future couple with real intentions. And I even liked that Alex practically used Turtle to get Vince to be the face for Carlos’ (Miguel Sandoval) tequila. Even in this little story, the writers finally delivered some prospects for the upcoming episodes, and how they probably thought about stretching the flirtations between Turtle and Alex through the whole season. I just don’t really believe how fast Turtle seemed to have forgotten his own business. Okay, it failed, but anyway…

Of course Drama’s (Kevin Dillon) story was the highlight of the episode. No wonder the writers heavily focused on that with John Stamos as a guest star. Thankfully this Hollywood star is a bit too, and isn’t shy to show and tell that he’s a Hollywood bitch. Unfortunately that was the only really good part of this story. The ping-pong match was a bit boring (though the Asian trainer was kinda hilarious in her two, three two-second appearances), and the outcome seemed obvious from the beginning (otherwise, Drama wouldn’t have had a story for the rest of the season). But finally this story is getting somewhere now. I’ve always wanted a fictional show to tell me how TV shows get developed.

Only the little War and Peace between Eric (Kevin Connolly) and Scott (Scott Caan) got a bit annoying. I noticed some icky behavior in Scott, and the feeling a story being stalled comes into me. The writers could have mentioned, treated and resolved the fight for Vince in the last episode, instead they chose to stretch it out in two episodes, eventually losing some screentime for Vince (Adrian Grenier), who basically had nothing to do here. Except making his brother look good, and playing some ping-pong. No, that wasn’t really my cup of tea in this episode. Fortunately it was a minor plot here, and didn’t take down the whole episode. And now that the conflict between the two heading agents seems over, the series can now make a step forward with Vince. 8/10

Somebody is having big eyes

Somebody is making a mad face

Written by Christian Wischofsky

July 14, 2011 at 9:00 AM


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