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Episode Review: STARGATE UNIVERSE (“Visitation”)

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Ummm… I wanted to like this episode, but in the context of any kind of story, it was a shitty hour of entertainment. It was so predictable that the writers would go back to the crew, who decided to stay on the alien planet with the mysterious obelisk, but I never expected that they would return to this story in this way. For me, it basically was a waste of time, together with the “introduction” of an “esoteric” answer, almighty, LOST-ish, and very similar to BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. I’m getting annoyed of those plot twists, it lets the writers look like they don’t have a proper way out of their storylines, and absolutely no time to think of a better and more complex resolution of their storylines. Now I’m hoping that SGU won’t go into the direction BSG went during the fourth season – it just doesn’t suit the franchise in my opinion.

I barely couldn’t remember the folks, who were left behind on planet Eden (what a boring name, btw), so I didn’t care much about them after their return, and how the Destiny crew treated them. Young (Justin Ferreira) did the only good thing with them (not trusting them, kinda being scared of them). I never cared about Caine’s (Tygh Runyan) story, and how he suddenly became an important character in the series, and I never understood why the crew was actually so persistent not to talk or touch the returnees (except Eli [David Blue], who was always geek-friendly and couldn’t miss out talking to Val [Camille Sullivan]). Somehow the whole situation was somewhat over the top at some points in the episode, and it never managed to let me care. The twist about the returnees actually being dead already, and probably brought back to life by the unknown alien life form (now they sound like God, OMG, how I don’t like that) was okay and could have brought the story into a nicer direction, but the episode just told me how the returnees died on the planet, and how they will die again on Destiny – not interesting enough. Only T.J.’s (Alaina Huffman) state of mind was interesting for this “character piece” of an episode, but I would have wished to see/hear more about T.J.’s baby, and the amnesia of the returnees seemed like welcomed by the writers – just don’t explain anything!

The Chloe/Matt/Greer dilemma was great though. I can understand why Young seems to think about executing Chloe (Elyse Levesque), when she transforms to the enemy, and I can understand the state of minds by the three characters, stuck in the dilemma. Matt (Brian J. Smith) is about to lose his girlfriend (the closest person he has in his life), Greer (Jamil Walker Smith) is about to execute a friend of his, and Chloe has to live with the fact that there won’t be rescue for her. I always wanted for this storyline to continue in a fast-paced way, but I actually liked the emotional handle of it. And Chloe’s video diary with the Kino showed me once again, why I seem to be the only one on this planet, who likes Chloe as a character, and is interested in her fate. Everybody seems to hate her whiny and bitchy behavior…

And as I expected in the last episode: not a shred of grief with Rush and Eli after the deaths of their women. The episode was average, despite it being a waste of time. Somehow I wish for aliens to attack Destiny, just to have more than just those character pieces. 5.5/10

Eden's winter: frakking cold

A close moment of "Where's my baby?"


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