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24 8.23/24: 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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Goodbye. But not for long. Hopefully.

The last two hours of the series. I decided to review them in one post, since I wanted to post them sooner than later, which works better, when I write everything in own single post – a bigger one, with more words.
Anyway, the Lost era ended a day before the 24 era ended, which makes it a bit difficult for me to believe that two series eras ended during 24 hours. It may be a shock for a TV nerd like me, and I might realize that US TV is never going back to the awesomeness, which was the fifth season of Lost and the fifth season of 24. These two hours might be the last two hours, where we saw something awesome, whether the writers overdid the series after a while, or it is still corny and unrealistic as always. But what the hell… FOX gave us eight years of a government agent fighting for justice, losing his family and friends, being close to death every fucking day. 24 was thrill. 24 was action. And this in series. I am almost certain that no series will bring that ever again. And this is already sad enough, when I am thinking about it.
This is not really my “goodbye” post to the series, since it stays a normal and simple review. But parts of it, I was writing with a tear in my eye, with an imaginative tear in my other eye and the thoughts that this will be the last series of its kind for a very long time. Goodbye, 24.

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24 8.22: 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

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Another dead Russian in 24 history: Novakovich just died.

This is the second to last week of 24 in television history. This is the prologue to the (hopefully) ultimate series finale. This is the episode, where we learn the truth about who is behind all the previous terrorist attacks and murders (though the motives are missing yet). This is the episode, where Jack realized that he ain’t coming back. This is the episode, where Jack did a little massacre with Russian delegates. This is one of the episodes, where the writers realized that the series won’t be renewed for a ninth season, since such a situation Jack is currently in is unstoppable. Not even the twisted games during the fifth season can top this season’s last episodes.
This episode wasn’t really the burner like I was hoping it would be, but it was a good episode. After all, the final storylines are prepared, and the last 90 minutes can rock my socks away.
Next week the last two episodes. I am prepared. I am happy about the series finale, but I am a bit sad as well that 24 is ending. At least one series ending I am sad to see…

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