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Grey’s Anatomy 3.06: Let the Angels Commit

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Let the hands holding each other

It is almost the end of the first season quarter, and finally I am seeing some improvement. I found some interest in the characters, I found some interest in the medical stories (mostly because they were written good), but what I didn’t find was a really intriguing story arc. At the moment the series bobs up and down, sometimes being boring, sometimes having interesting parts. Either the writers overdo the soapy storylines, or they don’t really get into the medical ones.
The episode itself was good and I liked it, since I didn’t really get into the five previous episodes. Sure, the season is still not a burner and I ask myself why ABC had a ratings success with Grey’s Anatomy, but at least the fine acting and the still interesting indie-pop soundtrack (come on… it’s not that bad) makes the episodes better than they actually are.

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Grey’s Anatomy 3.05: Oh, The Guilt

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Not an M&M meeting, more a tribunal grilling Bailey finds herself in

This might be the episode of the series, where I say to myself, why I even started these reviews: Why am I writing so much about a series, when I am actually starting to hate it?
The episode was nothing more than average with one good medical storyline, while the rest was just unimportant, average or completely annoying. Some characters are either over the top or out of character, and some stories are not what I want to see in the series. Sure, I could have expected that, but the writers could have given me (especially me!) some more medical storylines and some less stories with relationships, sex, divorces, break-ups and stuff. I am waiting for the first episode, where I don’t have to fight myself through the already annoying Derek/Addison story (they are fucking divorced now, so this story should fucking end!), or Mark being a douchebag of a douchebag. I wished to live in an alternate universe, where there is an early season 3 episode with a patient being annoyed by Mark, which is why he killed him. I cannot stop saying this, but Mark Sloan is the most stupidest written character in a series ever. And Eric Dane does his best to play a douchebag.

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Grey’s Anatomy 3.04: What I Am

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Meredith is still looking for her rabbit sisters.

If I hate a character, does that mean the writers did a good job? Or did they just wrote a terrible character? If I hate a character, because he doesn’t look like a doctor, who belongs into a drama series like Grey’s Anatomy, but in the love house like Seattle Grace, does that mean the character really is that mean and dirty? Seriously… Mark Sloan is one of the most terrible written characters I’ve had to see in a series, and he didn’t even have much appearances in Grey’s Anatomy so far. When I am already thinking about his main character status, I have to roll with my eyes, cry in my pillow and play Russian Roulette with myself, until I lose – and not just because Mark Sloan is one of the most terrible written character I have ever seen in a series, but I actually can’t stand Eric Dane. If I had a bullet, I would waste it on him.
A word to the episode: boring. Most of the hospital stories were uninteresting, and it was Fred Ward’s guest stint, who kept me interested to the episode. It looks like I arrived at a point, where I either love or hate Grey’s Anatomy. And the latter takes the leading spot at the moment.

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Grey’s Anatomy 3.03: Sometimes a Fantasy

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The competition for the best face expression is still on: Alex in pain

Sometimes a Grey’s Anatomy episode can be really good, sometimes a Grey’s Anatomy episode can be really boring, and most of the times the Grey’s Anatomy episodes are so damn average, I feel bored while watching. I had this problem during the second season, and it looks like I will have the same problem during the third season.
The episode was at best good average, which always means something between 6 and 7 out of 10. The writers never manage to completely wow me, which is mostly the fault of boring medical cases and ridiculous character moments and sex talks and/or scenes. This time I liked the medical cases, but this time I could throw out my laptop, after what I saw happening between the threesome Meredith/Derek/Finn.
Sometimes, only sometimes, the series needs more ER instead of a soap opera. It is a wish of mine, and I don’t think it will come true – only to highlight episodes…

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Grey’s Anatomy 3.02: I Am A Tree

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Cristina's favorite animal-to-be: Werewolf?

The third season goes along with another episode of “Whom do I choose?” and the obvious answer of “I don’t know, who to choose”, which is followed by a “I will date both men, so I can choose better.”
Either I was laughing thanks to nitrous oxide, which I was thinking to have at the moment, when I watched this episode, or this story was actually super funny. In a negative way. Of course, Grey’s Anatomy is a soap, but it looks like that the writers want to go deep into the soap genre, starting with this season.
No, I didn’t like the episode for various reasons, and of all things it was Cristina’s storyline I liked the most. which was not that hard to do in this episode…

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Grey’s Anatomy – Season 2

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ABC's second season of its medical soap aired between 2005 and 2006

For viewers bored or distressed by the constant gore and breakneck speed of hospital dramas like ER, Grey’s Anatomy comes as a breath of fresh air. Unlike other shows set in the world of medicine, this series is just as concerned with its characters’ personal lives as with their medical careers, and thrives by stressing the way in which the two intertwine. After all, for surgical interns who have chosen to dedicate their lives to medicine, the hospital largely becomes their home.

Rather than standing on its own, each medical challenge sheds some light on the doctors’ personal experiences, bringing the hospital environment to a refreshingly relevant level. While the series may not be the most realistic medical drama on television, it is certainly the most compelling and entertaining, containing such juicy plotlines as love triangles, affairs between co-workers, and secret romances. The second season is picking up right where the first one left off, with Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) discovering that her boyfriend, Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) has been hiding the fact that he’s married. Shocked and betrayed, Meredith embarks on a messy healing process that involves angry shouting matches and a string of one-night stands. As usual, the show avoids taking itself too seriously by interjecting serious themes with light-hearted dialogue and humorous medical emergencies. Rounding out the already impressive ensemble cast are new characters like Derek’s wife (Kate Walsh) and new love interests for most of the cast.

Episode 01: Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
The season start was alright. Lots of drama and less medical drama. Lots of relationship stories against one medical story of the barkeeper. Cristina (Sandra Oh) told Meredith about her pregnancy – who cares, a story which doesn’t interest me right now. McDreamy has a wife, this is much more interesting, but the upcoming fight between Meredith and Addison wasn’t one. Well, at least Addison knows what she did and isn’t on a fight with the lover of her husband. It is nice to see that George (T.R. Knight) and Alex (Justin Chambers) can’t stand each other, but I wanted to see more about that. And the rest was pretty uninteresting and there is nothing much to talk about. 6,5/10

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Grey’s Anatomy – Season 1

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This is my first “real” season review: It has more words than the other first one.
So, what is this show about? Grey’s Anatomy is a hospital drama that focuses on Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), one of several first-year surgical interns at the Seattle Grace Hospital. Along with her colleagues, Meredith struggles to maintain relationships while staying sharp at her new job.
The series was created by Shonda Rhimes; the first season with 9 episodes aired between March and May 2005 on ABC.

Episode 1: A Hard Day’s Night You can see it as a softer rip off from ER, but it isn’t. It is like a soap opera, set in a hospital.
Sure, this pilot isn’t that great, but it has some good moments. The characters were good introduced, the cases for the interns were also good. But the whole episode is full of cliches. There you have the shy and sweet George (T.R. Knight), the arrogant Alex (Justin Chambers), the hard-woman, “don’t try it with me”-face Cristina (Sandra Oh), and the “bitch for everyone”, because she is a model, Izzie (Katherine Heigl). I can live with that, if the actors are great, and they are great. Finally the pilot was good enough to bring me into the world of Grey’s Anatomy and watch the whole season. It only has nine episodes, so… whatever. 7/10

Episode 2: The First Cut Is The Deepest This was a little bit boring. Nothing much happened for the characters, but the cases were interesting. Nevertheless it is a little bit depressing, that the show is some kind of soap opera from the beginning. I don’t have much interest in love stories, when they are not well written or when they are not progress fast enough. Due to the fact, that the relationship between Meredith and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) is a keystone in the series, I expect some more soap drama, cliches and boredom. 6,5/10

Episode 3: Winning a Battle, Losing the War Less love story, more work on the characters and more medical cases – that’s what I wanted to see. Good episode.
Cristina’s story was my favorite in this one; she is not the ice-cold surgeon, who just wants to operate people, now she has to deal with the people and their family she operates; there were some great character moments. But Izzie and George are so kind-hearted, that’s a little problem for me – two of the main characters, almost written the same, are the source of the corny storylines. But when there’s enough drama in it, I can live with it. And this episode was filled with real good drama. 8/10

Episode 4: No Man’s Land Actually a really good episode and the best so far. Izzie’s and Cristina’s medical cases were wonderful written and executed. Cristina goes more and more human and Izzie has to deal with her underwear model past. The funny parts with George and the girls were also great, but it is not really logical that he complaints about two hot girls he is living with. Damn man, who complaints about them? You must be gay (ironic, isn’t it?). But the guy with the nails in his head was a bit boring. And the love story between Meredith and Derek stands still… Nothing happens between the two. It is like, the authors want to save this storyline for later episodes. And that doesn’t look good. 8,5/10

Episode 5: Shake Your Groove Thing A good episode and a good character development for Meredith: First she has to deal with the responsibility of her mother Ellis (Kate Burton, I like this storyline), than with a mistake she did during an operation. The rest was just okay. Burke (Isaiah Washington) and Cristina are finding each other; Meredith and Derek finally have more of a relationship (and somebody from the hospital finally knows about it) and Alex is not a sucker for the first time, I actually liked him in this episode.
Sure, the series has a lot of main characters, but maybe the authors should concentrate more on some recurring characters, like ER does it its whole lifetime, then this show would be more varied. 8/10

Episode 6: If Tomorrow Never Comes The episode was alright. Bailey (Chandra Wilson) gives Derek and Meredith a hard time, after she found out the both are together (or not, it is not that clear); Izzie and Alex are bonding… in a weird kind of way; George tries to get closer to Meredith; and Cristina and Burke seem to be together finally. The two main medical cases are interesting and full of emotions.
But the setup was a bit boring – oh wait, the whole season has this problem. And btw: The relationship between Cristina and Burke is deeply boring and lame written. 7/10

Episode 7: The Self-Destruct Button A pretty good episode. Meredith’s friends learn the truth about Derek being her lover. And their story is going on, when Izzie realizes that Meredith is falling for him – one step closer to a relationship between the sex. I liked the medical cases about the little girl and the college girl, both emotional cases, great written and executed.
I just ask myself, why nobody listened to George’s suspicion about the drunken anesthesiologist – instead of listening to him he gets kicked out of the OR… What is that for a hospital? And where the hell is the Chief (James Pickens Jr.)? His character is like a recurring; bringing him into the story when it is necessary. Not good. 8/10

Episode 8: Save Me Average episode. Except the psycho, all medical cases were boring and uninteresting, just the main characters could convince. Meredith is trying to find out more about Derek, Alex gets more and more characteristics and is more and more likable and Izzie tries to bake some brownies. But what are the authors doing with Cristina’s storyline? It is revealed that she is pregnant, and still her storyline is boring as hell.
But this episode marks the first appearance of Sarah Utterback, so I like it a little bit more, because I like her. 6,5/10

Episode 9: Who’s Zoomin’ Who? Well, some cliffhanger had to come. So Derek is married and we actually see his ex-wife Addison (Kate Walsh). For a season finale, which was not really a planned season finale it had some typical season finale stories. The Chief’s brain tumor (so, he found out and he was operated, all in one episode – when I remember the seventh season of ER I found Greene’s tumor storyline much much better), the arrivals of new relationship problems for Meredith and Derek and a storyline which involved the whole hospital: Syphilis is spreading on. It is nice to see that George, who looked just stupid in his scene with Olivia, can kick ass. That is some great character development there.
It was a good season finale, I liked it. 8/10

The average of the season is 7,5. I think I watched the season for the fourth or fifth time now and it still is a pretty good average. It is a shame that I never came close to the season two finale. Instead I canceled the second season a couple of times in the last third and never watched any episode starting with season three.
I planned to watch the second season right afterwards, but I will take myself more time. At least I have four whole seasons I can watch.


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