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Sex and the City 1.04: Valley of the Twenty-Something Guys

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Pfff, sex in a clothing store is the next best thing to do!

This seems to be the fairness of the world: Younger guys adore older women, older women adore younger guys. At least I think this is a fact on this western world. Sex and the City picks up this topic, with the four girls having to date – either it is the next chance for the boyfriend of the life, or it is just a fling to dive deep into the Twentysomething pool. After all, there have to be much Twentysomething in New York – back in 1998 and today in the new century.
Anyway, it was a good episode, and I’ve had the feeling that the writers took care of the story for once. Carrie has already relationship problems without having a relationship at the moments (5-hour kissing marathons don’t count), Samantha finally showed some nudity (which would be the first real nude scene in this series), the Miranda/Skipper fuck thing is awkward, and the episode delivered real humor with Charlotte’s anal story. Damn, I really was laughing.

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Justified: A 19th Century Dirty Harry in the Modern American South

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Well, FX definitely wants to know it. The prestige drama The Shield ended November 2008, Nip/Tuck aired its last episode just almost two weeks ago on March 3, the new success Sons of Anarchy will soon start into its second season. And now, FX probably has a new hit in its schedule. The new comedic law drama Justified premiered strong and was the second most watched series premiere in FX history (the lead still belongs to The Shield). And with such a cool person like Timothy Olyphant and a sexy looking Natalie Zea, mixed with Southern accent, western-styled drama and shoot-outs, Justified really could be a slight little hit.
After all, I am still looking for my FX hit, since The Shield is a strong series, but not a TV series I HAVE to watch (I still don’t know the seasons three to seven), and I got out of Nip/Tuck during the third season, due to not having much interest. While the rest of FX isn’t really my thing…

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Written by Christian Wischofsky

March 18, 2010 at 1:15 AM


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