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Episode Review: HUMAN TARGET (“Communication Breakdown”)

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Fortunately this episode was completely different from the last one. Though the cliffhanger and Hector Lopez (Jordi Caballero) connected the two episodes, I was happy that the writers haven’t decided to continue the storyline around Maria and her troubles in this episode, instead made it all about the working relationship between Chance (Mark Valley) and Ilsa (Indira Varma), as well as an unimportant side plot.

It was a good episode, as good as the first three of this season. Now I’m back to hoping that the second season might be back on track and doesn’t torture me with crappy episodes like the last one or another return of Baptiste. This episode showed some good things with Chance’s an Ilsa’s arguments, while their lives were in danger, while back home, Winston (Chi McBride) and Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley) were arguing while their lives were in danger. And maybe the writers just have developed Ilsa’s character a lot with the events in this episode – her annoying behavior in front of the team was starting to get old, because I already knew from the season premiere that she wasn’t understanding Chance’s job properly. maybe she dos now, after she killed Lopez.

But I still have to get angry with the writers: How the hell am I supposed to buy that Chance and Ilsa got out of the deadly woods, back to San Francisco, and into life-threatening danger again in one single night? I was wondering how Chance and Ilsa even got out of the woods, which doesn’t seem to have an exit. Somehow the whole time management of a story in an episode is completely messed up. Not everything can happen during a half of a day, so why are the writers stacking it all together, completely illogical and unbelievable? Just so they can write a scene, where Chance is saving Winston’s and Guerrero’s life again, like the whole Bangkok story? Why, oh why? Since Chance and Winston/Guerrero were separated, and the latter had to fight alone (well, with Ames [Janet Montgomery] and Harry [Tony Hale]), this episode could have shown how Winston and Guerrero are doing their things alone, without Chance’s help at all. It could have been a win-situation for the two guys, but the writers messed it up with bringing in Chance as the hero. That was just terrible.

The last couple minutes were good though, when Lopez was in Ilsa’s apartment (though it doesn’t seem logical that he found out where she lives in the same night where he wanted to kill Chance – remember: In the same night, he wanted to kill Chance in the cabin!). Ilsa killed Lopez, the scene brought some emotions, and there is probably some more friendship developing between the two. I would say ‘finally’, when the writers acknowledging the events in this episode during future episodes, but I don’t really believe in that.

And since the producers give me more scene with Ames in her underwear: Please give me more. Other than that, the episodes wouldn’t have many highlights. A solid episode, I have almost forgotten the last one. 7/10

The obvious screencap of the episode

From now on, Ilsa is a killer woman

Written by Christian Wischofsky

January 7, 2011 at 11:59 AM


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